by Christopher Lindquist

The Ultimate Home Office

Apr 15, 20021 min
Data Center

If you work from home at a desk stuffed in the corner of the den?or even if you have a room dedicated to the task?you can probably do better.

Home Systems Design in Norwell, Mass., recently announced that it has put together the tools to help customers build their ultimate home office. The designs can include everything from high-speed Internet access and videoconferencing to integrated security features hidden behind sleek cabinetry. Customers can request that office security integrate with systems for the entire house or keep them separately partitioned, allowing the office to remain locked and watched while the rest of the house stays open (a sure solution for curious toddlers who like to play with mommy or daddy’s computer). Home Systems Design can also work with your IT people to create seamless integration between the home and office network.

Office designs plus installation start at about $5 per square foot, though actual costs depend heavily on complexity, size and products used. The company can design offices for existing homes or new construction nationwide. For more information, call 781 982-0525.