by CIO Staff

Cybersecurity Bill Update

Apr 15, 20021 min

The passage of the Cyber Security Research and Development Act has put technology, and consequently technology workers, on the front lines of the war on cyberterrorism. Originally introduced by House Science Committee Chairman Sherwood Boehlert (R-N.Y.), the bill addressed the possibility of a terrorist attack via the Internet and charged two organizations with providing experienced people to fight back. The National Science Foundation will create research centers and offer community college and undergraduate grants to promote technology education. The National Institute of Standards and Technology will create program grants for partnerships between people in the technology industry and academia, and also offer a program to encourage people already in the research field to work on computer security. The bill gives $880 million over five years for the programs. Diane Smiroldo, vice president of public affairs for Business Software Alliance, a key supporter of the bill, says this is the first step toward preparing the country for a war waged in cyberspace.