by Christopher Lindquist

Critical Competencies for CIOs

Feb 15, 20021 min
IT Leadership

CIOs need to become leaders, not caretakers, according to a recent report by Stamford, Conn.-based Meta Group.

The report, “The CIO Desk Reference: Critical Competencies Every CIO Must Master,” states that CIOs must look beyond day-to-day operations and gain skills in areas such as IT portfolio management and value management. The downturn in IT spending will force CIOs to make the case for their initiatives as contributors to the bottom line?not just cost centers.

According to Meta Group, CIOs must establish a disciplined approach to managing IT assets to help reduce costs and improve return on investment. The “Desk Reference”?compiled from the firm’s research and its CIO Boot Camp program?provides information intended to help CIOs implement this approach. The report includes sections on portfolio management, risk management, marketing IT capabilities, techniques to increase IT value perception and more.

The 550-page report is available directly from Meta Group. For more information, visit