by CIO Staff

Upgrade Options for Microsoft Office

Jan 15, 20022 mins

If You… Then You… but You… the cost is:
Do nothing. Upgrade when you want. Pay nothing until then. Must buy new licenses when you upgrade and enroll in the Software Assurance subscription plan. When you decide to upgrade: $11.6 million for new licenses plus $3.4 million per year for three years.
Buy Upgrade Advantage, a plan that lets you upgrade from Office 98 (or older versions) to Office XP any time over the next two years. Get a two-year extension (beyond the July 31, 2002 deadline) before you need to enroll in the Software Assurance plan. Must pay for Upgrade Advantage for the next two years. Then you automatically enroll in Software Assurance. $4 million per year for two years. After that, the cost drops with Software Assurance: $3.4 million per year for three years.
Enroll in Software Assurance. Receive all upgrades to Office 2000 or Office XP as long as you are enrolled. Must pay Software Assurance fees whether you take advantage of upgrades or not. $3.4 million per year for three years.
Purchase an Enterprise Agreement. Can enroll in Software Assurance at discounted rates. Must agree to use only Microsoft products, purchased directly from Microsoft. $1.6 million per year for three years.
Note: Figures based on Office XP Pro license for a licensee with 30,000 desktops (known as Select Level C license). The price for such a license was $386 per desktop in November 2001 and is subject to change.
SOURCE: microsoft corp.