by CIO Staff

I.T. IN THE AFTERMATH: 9/11 Attacks Barely Affect Data Center Spending

Jan 01, 20021 min

The Data Center Institute, a think tank of AFCOM, a leading association for data center professionals in Orange, Calif., conducted a survey of 422 senior data center managers (including 5.1 percent CIOs, CTOs and presidents) both before and after Sept. 11. Respondents are from the country’s largest data centers and represent a cross section of industries. The survey initially polled respondents about budget trends, e-commerce adoption and future trends in the industry, and then followed up to see whether responses had changed because of terrorism.

53.1% of respondents said that despite the economy, they will spend the same or more on IT in the next year.

94.4% said that the terrorist attacks have not caused them to cut spending.

21% said they have been forced to reprioritize upcoming projects as a result of the attacks.

25% said their organization instituted “no air travel” policies as of Sept. 11, but those were expected to last less than two months.

Only 53% had reviewed their disaster recovery and backup plans since Sept. 11.

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