by Lafe Low

Favorite Websites of the Web Business 50

Dec 01, 20012 mins

We asked the brains behind four of our Web Business 50 winning sites to reveal their personal Web preferences. They all check for news, but the similarities end there.

Col. Robert Coxe

CTO, ODISC4, United States Army

?Coxe logs on to for the latest official Army information.

?For technology news and trends, he checks and

?Other favorites include (to rent DVDs), and

Stephen Hamlin

Vice president of operations, iQVC, a division of QVC

?For business purposes, Hamlin has bookmarked all his competitors’ e-commerce sites.

?He uses to check his personal portfolio.

?Other favorites include (official site of Major League Baseball),,, and

Anil Kottoor

Vice president of application development, Oxford Health Plans

?Kottoor frequently visits, which is a “great starting point for technical research,” he says, and for industry specific research and advice.

?He checks for “up-to-date relevant news on e-commerce initiatives around the world.”

?Other favorites include (The New York Times website),, and (for info on professional basketball).

Terry Nelson

E-commerce marketing manager, Lands’ End

?To keep up with the latest issues in the direct-marketing industry, Nelson checks in at the online newspaper for direct marketers,

?Nelson’s preferred news and information site is

?Other favorites include and