by CIO Staff

The Easy Way to Roll Out Software Updates Across Network

Nov 15, 20012 mins
Enterprise Applications

Lanovation, a small software company in Minneapolis, wants to make your life easier. Specifically, it wants to help your systems administrators roll out software updates across your network.

The company’s latest product, Prism Deploy, provides an easy way to quickly package and distribute software across various Windows operating environments and hardware platforms, with very little operator training. The package combines Lanovation’s PictureTaker software packaging tool with an integrated deployment console that lets an administrator quickly locate machines in need of upgrades. The administrator can then quickly drag and drop deployment tasks onto machines without requiring the end user to shut down, reboot or even to know that the upgrade has taken place. Software deployments have become a matter of simply dragging and dropping packages onto destination machines. Prism Deploy includes tools designed to check for potential conflicts between existing software and the new updates.

The system is also designed to handle remote and mobile clients, which allow software updates to take place through a Web server using as little as a standard dial-up connection.

Pricing for Prism Deploy begins at $2,800 for 100 licenses. (Enterprise licenses are also available.) Evaluation versions are available for free download at For sales information, call 800 747-4487.