by Thomas Wailgum

10 Questions To See If Your Company’s Developers Are Agile

May 21, 20071 min
Agile DevelopmentDeveloper

Are you agile when it comes to application development projects? Answer these questions to find out.

Lots of companies claim to be agile. But are they really? VersionOne, an application lifecycle management provider, created this list to help you figure it out.

You might not be agile if. . .

1. The “Send/Receive” and “Save As” buttons initiate most team communication.

2. Your whiteboards are mostly white.

3. “Test-driven” still refers to your car.

4. You don’t yet know what PHB stands for. (It’s the “pointy haired boss” in the “Dilbert” comic strip.)

5. You know that CPM stands for critical path method of project management, and continue to rely upon it.

6. You spend more time trying to ­manage project dependencies than remove them.

7. Someone still believes in the “Can’t Chart.” (Oops, that’s the Gantt chart.)

8. Developers only develop, testers only test, and managers just manage.

9. Simplicity is presumed to be simple.

10. A change control board meets . . . ever.

SOURCE: “Are You Agile” from VersionOne.