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Editors’ note: On this page, we collect, for the record, corrections from articles appearing on

Our database of the 2010 CIO 100 winners has been updated with the following corrections and clarifications:

    1. The title of CA Technologies’ CIO and CEO have been updated.

    2. CrossCom National’s business goal for its winning project is Customer Service. The project description has been updated to clarify that the MAPS system has cut costs for customers.

    3. Due to an editing error, Sybase’s 2009 revenue was displayed incorrectly. It is $1.17 billion. Sybase also provided information correcting an error in its application concerning how its PartnerBase tool is used. The project description has been updated to remove the incorrect information and to add clarification of the tool’s purpose.

    4. The project description for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation has been updated to clarify how its various offices are able to review data and which information is communicated to its donors.

    5. BREG provided updated information about its 2009 revenue. It is $96 million.

    6. The name of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital president was misspelled. It is Elizabeth G. Nabel.

    7. The listing for Entergy originally included a headquarters address for the division that submitted the company’s winning application. The company’s headquarters is in New Orleans. This change has been made to the listing.

    8. Sodexo’s project description has been updated to clarify that the company reduced staffing costs, but did not eliminate positions, when it deployed the Laundries Dashboard.

    9. The title of Southcoast Health System’s IT executive has been updated. The company’s listing originally included revenue of a division. We have updated the listing with the revenue for the company as a whole.

    10. Due to an editing error, the listing for AT&T included the wrong project description. The correct description has been substituted.

    11.The listing for the Virginia Credit Union omitted part of the CEO’s title. The correct title is president & CEO. The project description has been updated to include the most current number of credit union members as well as to clarify the process for customers to qualify for short term loans and the benefit of these loans to customers.

    12.Due to an editing error, the description of Jewelers Mutual Insurance’s project stated incorrectly that it eliminated the need for agents. The description has been corrected.

    13.The listing for Sutter VNA and Hospice provided an incorrect start date for the company’s winning project. It began in June 2009. The company’s website address has also been updated.

    14.The name and title of the Centocor R&D CIO has been updated. He is Eric Perakslis, VP of Pharma R&D IT

Our database of the 2009 CIO 100 winnershas been updated to reflect the following clarifications and corrections:

    1. Due to a transcription error, AT&T’s 2008 revenue was reported incorrectly. It is $124 billion.

    2. CitationShares’ provided an alternative website address. The listing has been updated with the new address,

    Their CIO is Robert Taylor, not William Hall.

    3. Pinnacle Technical Resources’ project description has been clarified to include “non-IT contingent staffing in the following sentence: “Since implementing the system, Pinnacle says it has completely outsourced its clients’ IT and non-IT contingent staffing, growing Pinnacle’s revenue from $40 million in 2006 to $190 million in 2008.” The spelling of Pinnacle’s vendor, Progata has also been corrected.

    4. U.S. Joint Forces Command Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution Capability’s website was listed incorrectly due to a formatting error.. The correct address is

    5. Applied Materials project description was clarified to state: “The tools available include an enterprise-wide, Web-enabled project management system and video conferencing for communications between a factory and the command center.” “Solar System” is not the name of the command center, and this correction has been made to the description.

    6. Indiana University’s CEO is Michael A. McRobbie. The CIO is Brad, not Bradley, Wheeler . The university’s 2008 revenue has also been corrected. It is $2.6 billion. The project description has also been clarified to state: “Indiana University spearheaded several open source initiatives in collaboration with other higher education institutions to develop software that universities use for teaching, learning and management.” Information on the HathiTrust initiative has also been added.

    7. Preferred Care Partners provided an alternative website address. The listing has been updated with the new address,

    8. T-Mobile’s 2008 revenue was listed incorrectly. It is $21 billion.

    9. Reed Technology & Information Services’ provided an alternative website address. The listing has been updated with the new address,

    10. IBM’s project description incorrectly stated that the company had saved $1 million in travel costs due to virtual events. A clarification has been made to indicate IBM estimates approximately $1 million in savings from virtual events last year, including travel, meeting and venue costs.

    11. NAACO Materials Handling Group’s CIO is John Bartho.

    12. Firstsource Solutions’ industry has been changed to Business Process Outsourcing. Their revenue has also been updated to $376.5 million.

    13. SunTrust Banks’ 24% reduction in the number of people needed to manage clients’ accounts was removed from their project description.

The story Plant Closings and Layoffs Mean Heavy Lifting for IT Departments incorrectly stated that Arch Coal has $1.7 billion in revenue. Arch Coal actually has $3 billion in revenue. The story has been changed to reflect this correction.

The story Nestlé’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Odyssey incorrectly characterized two events that occurred in June 2000. The project was not halted, but reorganized. Project leader Mark Richenderfer was not removed from his position, but was promoted to a new position working on Nestlé’s global SAP implementation and business process improvement initiatives. The story has been changed to reflect this correction.

The story “Fair Labor Standards Act: Six Things Tech Workers Need to Know” incorrectly stated that the lawsuit IBM workers filed against IBM in 2006 was settled for $65 million the same year. In fact, the law suit was settled in 2007. The story has been changed to reflect this correction.

The story “Smart Contract Talks Help an IT Department Save Big” incorrectly stated that Lafarge North America was a $2.1. billion dollar manufacturer of of concrete, gypsum and other construction materials. It is actually a $6 billion dollar company and it’s primary products are cement aggregate, concrete and Pave.

The story “Knowledge from the Outside” incorrectly stated that GLG will hit sales of $220 million this year. In fact, the sales figure cited was from 2007.

The story Companies Explore Virtual Worlds As Collaboration Tools was updated to clarify how two sources, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Greenleaf Medical, use or plan to use virtual worlds. PWC hopes to use them for recruiting, innovation and business modeling in addition to training. Greenleaf Medical uses them to provide therapy to children, but not virtual therapy. The update also provides specific titles for Roo Reynolds, who is a Metaverse evangelist with IBM, and Nicole Yankelovich, who is principal investigator of the collaborative environments group with Sun Microsystems.

The story Worried About a Recession? How to Hold the Line on Your IT Budget inaccurately identified LaVerne Council as CIO of Johnson & Johnson. It also incorrectly listed Johnson & Johnson’s net worth at $53 billion and underestimated the benefits of volume pricing (at $138 million instead of $150 million.

The story Online Map Makers Gathering Data to Render 3-D Landscapes for Web Surfers, Mobile Phone Users incorrectly described a 3-D mapping feature from TeleAtlas that Hewlett-Packard purchased for use on iPAQ 310 Travel Companion devices. The service includes approximately 400 landmarks in the U.S. and Canada, not 40 cities.

The story “Can Mid-Market Merchants Comply With PCI Standards In Time?” contained an incorrect statement about applications run by the National Aquarium of Baltimore. The story incorrectly listed several applications that had been built in-house. This information has been removed from the story.

The story “How to Comply With E-Discovery Rules Before You’re Hit With a Lawsuit,” left out the current title of Mark Reichenbach. He is vice president, client and industry development with vendor MetaLincs)

The story “The Web 2.0 Campaign for the White House” misstated the date of the Iowa causes for the 2008 presidential primary season. They are being held Jan. 3, 2008.

For Those Who Can Afford to Pay, the Video Conference Grows Up

The story “For Those Who Can Afford to Pay, the Video Conference Grows Up” included a discussion of the quality of video conferences during the 1990s that used Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) lines. Rather than the networks being relatively slow, as our story suggested, it was the management of ISDN lines by IT departments that caused many “packet drops,” which led to a disparity between audio and video feeds on video conferences. Claire Schooley, an analyst at Forrester Research, noted that if a company devoted its entire ISDN line to a video conference, the quality could be free of packet drops. However, since ISDN lines are expensive, IT departments usually allocated only 25 percent or 50 percent of the line to a single video conference.

The CIO Hall of Fame: 20 IT Leaders of Accomplishment

The profile of Hall of Fame inductee Randy Mott misstated the area where he likes to ride his motorcycle. It is Austin, Texas. See the corrected version here.

See the Winners

The company listings of CIO 100 Award winners in the story See the Winners, posted on Aug. 6, 2007, contained a few editing errors, which have been corrected. They are as follows:

The president of Loyola Marymount University is Robert B. Lawton.

The president and COO of Marriott International is William J. Shaw.

The director of technology development for Suffolk County, N.Y. is Peter Schlussler.

Darden Restaurants provided new information about its 2006 revenues. They were $5.7 billion.

In addition, we have clarified the following project descriptions:

CUNA Mutual Group is referred to in subsequent mentions as CUNA Mutual to avoid confusion with the Credit Union National Association, a trade group.

Health Plan of Michigan’s automated dialer application helps the company reach 240 percent more patients’ homes each week than with manual dialing.

Hilton Hotels e-Events service integrates CRM, reservations and business intelligence capabilities.

The link for Kane County, Ill. has been changed to link to the organization that implemented the winning project. The new link is to the website for the Circuit Court Clerk.

The original listing for Network Services Company, which operates similar to a cooperative, reported the total revenue of its members. The updated listing reports the transaction revenue of Network Services Company only, which is $874 million.

The vehicle replacement service offered by the Progressive Group of Insurance Companies also provides its network of car dealerships and lenders with information about the type of vehicle a customer is looking for.

Collaborative Innovation: Five Steps to Successful Technology Partnerships

The story Collaborative Innovation: Five Steps to Successful Technology Partnerships, posted on Aug. 6, 2007, provided the wrong location for Bowdoin College. It is in Brunswick, Maine.

How IT Executives Can Help Speed Up Financial Reporting

An article posted on on March 15, 2007, “How IT Executives Can Help Speed Up Financial Reporting,” misstated the kind of costs at Accenture that have stayed flat as the company’s business has grown, according to Tony Coughlan, controller and chief accounting officer at Accenture. The company’s sales, general and administrative expenses have stayed flat, not the company’s overall accounting expenses. See the corrected article here.