by Thomas Wailgum

Five Enterprise Content Monitoring Tools

Apr 25, 20072 mins

A sampling of information security products CIOs are using to monitor and filter enterprise content.

While the market for security applications that monitor and filter enterprise content is relatively new and small—around $60 million in 2006—Gartner says it is growing. Here’s a sampling of some infosecurity products CIOs are using today.


St. Bernard Software claims iPrism blocks IM and peer-to-peer traffic and blocks employees from visiting URLs that are phishing sites, contain threats to PCs or aren’t prohibited by enterprise usage policies.


eTelemetry says Metron tracks bandwidth usage, surfing and chatting. Its Locate product passively maps people to the IT infrastructure. Together, eTelemetry claims its “people-to-IP” matching technology provides visibility into how each employee is using the infrastructure.


Securify claims its appliance passively captures and analyzes traffic into and out of critical data centers and across corporate boundaries such as extranets. Securify says its “monitors” track all transactions to users to provide a view of “who” is accessing “what” applications and “where” in the network.


Vontu claims that 7 is the first integrated, enterprise-class data loss prevention product that identifies “data at rest, data in motion and data at the endpoint”—meaning on servers, databases and PCs; e-mail, IM and Web; and removable media such as USBs, CDs and iPods.


Vericept says its Risk Management platform gives enterprises visibility into all insider risk whether inadvertent or malicious. These include unauthorized access of confidential customer information; document leaks; unencrypted transmission of cardholder information; the posting of financial reports and source code; damaging blogs by insiders; intellectual property theft; and network and e-mail control.