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Advanced Communications

Mar 22, 20073 mins
IT Leadership

Ask any leadership guru what the key ingredient is in being a good leader, and they’re likely to say “communication.” Some great communicators are born, but it’s a skill you can learn. These articles will help you on your way.

Welcome to My Blog*

Blogging isn’t the same as writing a memo or a message in the corporate newsletter. And while it may not be as revolutionary as some make it out to be, there’s still value there. Here’s how to get started and how to do it right.

Career Boost: How to Interview with an Executive Search Firm

Eight tips for succeeding with recruiters (and most other interviewers too).

Career Boost: How to Turn Gatekeepers into Greeters

Correct technique and good manners turn interactions with corporate gatekeepers from frustrating to fruitful.

Executive Coach: The Soft Side of Persuasion

Pay as much attention to the context of your argument as the content.

From the Publisher: E-Mail Addiction

The first step is to admit you’re powerless.

How To Be A Mind Reader*

Learning how to accurately interpret facial expressions isn’t easy, but it can make you a more effective CIO.

**Think you’ve got this down? Take the quiz.

Mastering the Secret Etiquette of Golf*

Tiger Woods may have nothing to fear from you, but you still have to know the (unwritten) rules of the game.

**Another quiz! If you’re thinking of taking up the game or have been playing for years, test your knowledge of some of these fundamental and quirky rules.

How to Write a Memorable Memo*

The five questions to answer when writing a business memo.

How to Wow Your Board of Directors*

You’ve got 15 minutes to make a presentation to the board. Here’s how.

Weigh In: Divided By a Common Language

Working on a team with American and Indian members? You’re both speaking English, but you may never know the mistakes you’re making.

Project Politics: The Art of the Schmooze

Four case studies for IT executives on how to influence your peers when planning and implementing IT projects.

Weigh In: Smile as You Lead

Smiling can be a valuable leadership trait, but the truth is, many leaders forget to do it. Here’s a reminder for using your smile to a leadership advantage.

Career Boost: Cold Calling Your Way to the Executive Suite

Tips and reminders to take the chill out of cold calls.

* Part of CIO magazine’s Advanced Communication Series.