by Polly Schneider

CIO’s Top 10 Clues That You May Be a Bad Boss

Apr 01, 20002 mins
CIOIT Leadership

And you won't find lack of technology chops here.


You get a bigger kick out of fixing your broken Palm computer than asking an employee how he’s enjoying his work.

When an interview candidate asks you how you deal with conflict on your staff, you find yourself gabbing about a great movie you saw last night.

In your book, giving people freedom on the job means getting rid of the sign-in sheet.


After your employees put in 80-hour weeks for two months to meet a critical deadline, you reward them with pizza and movie passes.

When it comes time for performance reviews, you give mostly negative feedback because you know that’s the only way people will improve.

When one of your best workers tells you she can’t get a business sponsor on her project to return her phone and e-mail messages, you tell her that patience is a virtue and to keep trying.

An employee survey reveals a need for mentors for your junior staff. You send them to a networking event at a local trade association.

You believe employees hate sitting through department meetings to hear about what’s going on in the company. Those who are interested will come ask you.

In your opinion, your job is to mold good employees into the job descriptions that best suit your organization’s needs, rather than to capitalize on their skills.

You organize a chauffeured night on the town for your top performers, hosted by yours truly and the management team. No one shows up.