by CIO Staff

Parasoft Releases C++test 7.0 and Parasoft Insure++ 7.1

Apr 03, 20073 mins

Parasoft Corporation has released Parasoft C++test 7.0 and Parasoft Insure++ 7.1. According to the company, these integrated solutions for automating a broad range of best practices enhance C/C++ software development team productivity and software quality.

Parasoft C++test 7.0 helps development teams increase their productivity by applying a set of best practices that address defects early in the development cycle, when fixing them requires minimal rework, according to a company statement. Parasoft C++test 7.0 enables coding policy enforcement, static analysis, code review, unit and component testing to provide teams a practical way to ensure that their C and C++ code works as expected and without breaking existing functionality. Follow on benefits of increased productivity though implementation of C++test 7.0 and Insure++ 7.1 include faster delivery of new applications and reduced support costs.

Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio have become the dominant IDEs in the marketplace. Eclipse IDE is getting rapid adoption as the de facto standard for embedded development. Parasoft C++test plug-ins for these two IDEs offer menus, shortcuts, wizards, error-to-source code traceback, and views for analyzing and addressing test findings. From a single environment, developers can access existing projects or create new ones, write code, test that code, review errors and coverage from testing, correct coding standard violations, debug test cases, extend automatically generated test suites, and add updated code and test assets to source control.

New in C++test 7.0 is Bug Detective. By automatically tracing and simulating execution paths, BugDetective exposes runtime bugs that would be difficult and time-consuming to find through manual testing or inspections, says the company. With BugDetective, users can find, diagnose and fix classes of software errors that can evade coding standard analysis and unit testing.

A new Code Review module is also featured in the release. This module automates preparation, notification and tracking of peer code reviews, addressing the known shortcomings of this very powerful development practice. With the Code Review module, teams can establish a bulletproof review process—where all new code gets reviewed and all identified issues are resolved.

In addition, Parasoft C++test 7.0 integrates with Wind River Workbench versions 2.5 and higher for device development environments. Wind River Workbench is an Eclipse-based integrated development suite that supports both VxWorks and Linux operating systems, and a wide range of processor architectures. The Parasoft C++test plug-in for Wind River Workbench provides Workbench users easy access to Parasoft C++test’s full coding standard analysis and unit testing capabilities.

With the release of Insure++ 7.1, Parasoft now verifies proper use of the Standard Template Library (STL) during runtime, claims the company, and offers users dynamic verification of STL containers, iterators, pointers and references. Users will now be able to find insidious bugs resulting from improper STL usage.

Parasoft C++test is available for Windows, Linux 32 and 64 bits, and Solaris. It is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX platforms, 32 and 64 bits.