by CIO Staff

SLAs–Key Steps in the Development Process

Nov 15, 19981 min
IT Leadership

A 10-point guide.

Constructing a service level agreement requires planning and care. While the process can vary among companies, there are often basic elements in common. Bob Quinn, vice president and CIO for computer systems at Sun Microsystems Inc. in Palo Alto, Calif., and Naomi Karten, president of Randolph, Mass.-based management consultancy Karten Associates, who serves as Sun’s SLA consultant, recommend the following 10 steps as a guide:

  1. Assess whether an SLA is appropriate.
  2. Get management commitment.
  3. Designate SLA managers.
  4. Educate the parties involved about SLAs.
  5. Assess current services.
  6. Gather customer feedback.
  7. Ensure agreement about the agreement; create a draft.
  8. Solicit feedback.
  9. Complete pre-implementation activities, such as establishing tracking mechanisms and conducting pilots.
  10. Implement and manage the agreement.