by CIO Staff

SLAs–Agenda for a Meeting

Nov 15, 19981 min
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A look at what happens at a typical service level agreement meeting.

Regularly scheduled meetings between IT and the business to discuss the status of service level agreements are crucial. Keep the meetings to less than an hour and stay focused on SLA issues, recommends Wayne Bock, vice president of solutions for Alternative Resources Corp., a Lincolnshire, Ill.-based outsourcing company. Bock offers a sample SLA meeting agenda:

  • Review the criteria for the SLA and target performance.
  • Distribute reports on measured performance for the current period.
  • Discuss outstanding items and progress on actions since the previous meeting on these criteria.
  • Analyze problems and the impact on the user.
  • Negotiate corrective action plans for the new or ongoing problems.
  • Assign necessary resources.
  • Summarize results from the meeting and distribute them to the appropriate user and IT representatives regardless of their attendance.