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Lead Your IT Department Toward Environmental Sustainability and Increased Profits

Apr 02, 20076 mins
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Profitability and environmental consciousness are increasingly going hand in hand.

Profitability and environmental consciousness are increasingly going hand in hand. That means that your organization’s future is more and more becoming dependent on how you address your environmental sustainability. Now is the time to start “greening” your IT department, from cleaning up your data center to reducing overall emissions and improving your hardware recycling efforts. The following resources offer how-to guides, research and analysis, news, advice and opinion features, and two quizzes, as well as a data center energy-management tool meant to help you decrease associated spending and work to improve overall sustainability. Bookmark this page so you’ve always got it at your fingertips.

Why Green IT Is Better IT

There’s a sweet spot where good ethics meet good business. And IT can—and should—be sitting at the nexus.

Can IT Make Your Company Green?

Whether corporate sustainability initiatives stem from regulatory compliance or aim to boost the bottom line, IT plays a key role in supporting such efforts, according to environmental IT experts from three companies.

Improving IT Efficiency While Going Green

Whether your business thrives or dies in the coming decade may depend on how well it manages environmental issues.

Green IT Poll: Are You Thinking ‘Green’?

Take our quick, 10-question poll and see how you measure up to your peers.’s Green IT blog

CIO Associate Staff Writer Katherine Walsh keeps readers up to date on recent issues related to corporate sustainability.

Rising Energy Costs Reduce Processor Performance Gains

Rising energy costs are short-circuiting performance gains from faster, cheaper servers. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your costs in line.

Green IT: Leaving a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Though the Bush administration has not made preventing global warming a priority, studies show that massive damage will be inflicted on the planet if ozone depletion is not halted.

Green IT: Recycling—It’s the Law

Two pieces of decades-old law govern e-waste: the so-called Superfund legislation and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, though it’s unclear how forcefully governments enforce these laws in terms of e-waste.

Green IT: What to Do When It’s Time to Get Rid of Old Hardware

The hardest thing to do with a computer isn’t buying it or setting it up or using it or fixing it. The hardest thing is throwing it away.

‘Green IT’: Why Environmental Sustainability and Profits Go Hand in Hand

More and more, profitability and environmental consciousness go hand in hand. And as energy supplies dip and proposed solutions lead to bitter political fights, good green ideas couldn’t come at a better time. These six environmental innovations are ideas you can use from some of our 2001 CIO 100 honorees.

Green IT: Save Power, Save Money

In 2001, the Environmental Protection Agency asked CIOs to do something Jimmy Carter couldn’t convince consumers to do in the 1970s: curb their energy consumption.

The Green Technology Bible

Every movement needs a bible, and the one for the environment-plus-business group is Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution (Back Bay Books, 2000), written by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins.

Dirty, Hungry IT

A pop quiz for concerned polluters.

Resources to Help ‘Green’ Your Data Center

How Green Data Centers Save Money

Going green doesn’t have to be just an exercise in tree hugging. It can have a positive effect on your company’s budget, too.

How to Reduce Your Data Center Energy Spending

Given that most data centers run 24/7, the companies that own them could end up paying millions of dollars this year just to keep their computers turned on. Here’s how to make sure you’re paying only what you need to.

Data Center Energy Management Tool from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Three Tips for a Cleaner Data Center

Three steps to help “green” your data center.

The Benefits of Consolidation and Virtualization

You may be installing virtualization tools so that one server can do the job of five. You might be using configuration management tools to swap applications from one machine to another, depending on load. But no matter what your strategy, your goals or your tactics, you still have a problem: How the heck do you even know what’s out there to consolidate?

Green IT: The Solar-Powered Server Farm

Phil Nail and his wife, Sherry, have learned that green technology and data centers can go together. The couple started their Web-hosting company, Affordable Internet Services Online, nine years ago and switched to solar power in 2001.

Related News Articles:

E.U. Leaders to Slash Greenhouse Gases

European Union leaders reached an agreement in March 2007 to fight global warming, including pledges to cut greenhouse gasses, develop renewable energy and boost overall energy efficiency.

Green Grid Powers Up to Save Energy

The Green Grid, a group of technology companies collaborating to improve energy efficiency in data centers, is officially open for business as of February 2007.

Dell Jumps on the AMD ‘Green Grid’ Bandwagon

In May 2006, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Chief Executive Hector Ruiz announced that Dell had joined AMD’s The Green Grid, a group of companies dedicated to reducing the amount of power consumed by data centers.

Dell, HP Make U.S. Gov’t List of ‘Green’ Computers

Dell and Hewlett-Packard hope to gain millions of dollars in government contracts now that they have listed dozens of their desktops, laptops and monitors in a database of environmentally sustainable IT products.

Greenpeace Again Ranks Nokia, Dell Highest in ‘Green Electronics Guide’

Greenpeace in December 2006 released the second edition of its Green Electronics Guide, which ranks 14 leading PC and mobile manufacturers on their efforts to eliminate toxic substances from their products, as well as whether the firms offer product take-back or recycling plans and to what extent.

Dell, Nokia Top List of ‘Green’ Electronics Companies

Greenpeace, an environmental protections group, in August 2006 released its “Guide to Greener Electronics,” a report that ranks 14 major computer and mobile phone producers on their use of potentially harmful chemicals and other substances within products.

‘Green IT’: The Council on Economic Priorities and The Dow Jones Sustainability Group

The Council on Economic Priorities, a New York City-based group, has been measuring corporate social responsibility since 1969. The Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index, based in Zurich, Switzerland, tracks the performance of leading sustainable driven companies.