by CIO Staff

Your Role in National Intelligence

Mar 30, 20072 mins

What is the government's approach to using IT as an intelligence tool? What role does—and should—corporate America play?

Government agencies continue to expand their use of information technology in an attempt to root out the sources of terrorism. As they proceed, more and more private businesses are being asked to cooperate in the search. Corporations in the financial services, airline and telecommunications have already handed over terabytes of customers data, and as the anti-terror nets cast wider, it seems reasonable that other industries will soon be asked as well.

What is the government’s approach to using IT as an intelligence tool? What role does—and should—corporate America play? And how, as an IT leader, should you respond if asked to make a choice between the government’s desire for ever more data and your customers’ rights to privacy?

We’ve collected the information you need here in our National Intelligence research center. Read, learn, and join the debate.

Senator Calls for U.S. Summit on Privacy

Sen. Patrick Leahy calls for the U.S. Congress and President Bush to convene a conference on privacy in the wake of recent reports that federal agencies spied on U.S. citizens and monitored protesters of the Iraqi war.

Customs Rattles the Supply Chain

The government wants you to secure your supply chain. Right now, its program is voluntary. It wont stay that way for long. And the responsibility for collecting the data is going to fall on—you guessed it—the CIO.

A Challenge to VoIP Wiretaps

Appeals court to weigh surveillance over privacy.

Congress Renews Patriot Act

Compromise plan aims to limit corporate data searches.

Poindexter Defends Total Information Awareness

Ex-DARPA head and retired Admiral John Poindexter explains for the first time what went wrong with Total Information Awareness (TIA)—the government’s plan for ubiquitous data collection for intelligence efforts—and how, in fact, it may not really have been canceled after all.

What to Do When the Government Wants Your Data

How to serve your company and you country.

Terror Transactions Bedevil Banks

Financial firms embrace new technology to comply with the Patriot Act.