by CIO Staff

A CIO’s Guide to China

Mar 29, 20072 mins
IT Leadership

Looking toward China for outsourcing, supply chain or even a base of operations? Our special report will give you a firm foundation for your eastern foray.

For all its advantages in manufacturing and labor cost, China is a complex and potentially expensive environment for IT. CIOs face daunting infrastructure and cultural challenges and a deeply authoritarian and capricious political system. This collection of articles will help CIOs develop strategies that accommodate Chinese differences without compromising the goals of the business.

The China GambitChina, starved for executive talent, is importing CIOs from the West. And discovering how IT works—and doesn’t—in this emerging factory to the world is supercharging their careers. Leaks in the Great Wall

There is growing interest in outsourcing software development to China, but some CIOs worry about protecting their intellectual property in a country where software theft is perceived to be widespread. Is that perception accurate?

Making it in China

China is not for everyone, because of the high logistical costs of getting products into, around and out of the mainland. Here’s how to figure out if and how China should be in your company’s future.

When East Meets West on IP RightsChina, long known as a nation that does not respect intellectual property rights, says that it is taking steps to protect the IP of U.S. companies. But the reality is that not much may happen for years due to the fragmented Chinese business culture. You’ll Sneeze If Your Suppliers Get the Flu

A simulation at MIT of an avian flu outbreak in China underscores the need for companies to consider possible supply chain disruptions as part of their plans for handling emergencies.

The Censored InternetAs the Internet matures into a global medium for both commerce and information, can these uses coexist? Or must companies trample free speech to do business in China?