by CIO Staff

Grid Computing

Mar 28, 20072 mins

This collection of stories looks at the basics of grid computing.

Grid computing has been on the horizon for a long time. Some prognosticators say it’s the next big thing. But it’s SO big, it’s daunting for many. This collection looks at the basics of grid as it moves ever (so slowly) closer.

The Dawn of General-Purpose Grid?

One of grid’s biggest boosters is creating a truly general-purpose grid by turning networks of computers into a single virtual machine.

Grid Held Hostage

You need grid computing. It could save you millions. It could provide competitive advantage to your business. But to get it, you have to build it yourself. Why? Ask your vendors.

True Grid

Long the domain of scientists and engineers, grid computing is finally going mainstream. CIOs need to examine their applications to see whether their businesses can benefit from grid’s power and economies.

Grid Security

The Enterprise Grid Alliance, which includes several top vendors trying to accelerate the use of grid computing by big businesses, has published a paper on the unique security requirements of grids. (From

The Executive’s Guide to Utility Computing

While not exactly the same as grid computing, utility-the pay-as-you-go model-is a related animal. This handy pass-along guide explains what it is-and is not.

Grid and Bear It

The lighter side of grid computing-commentary from our cousins at CIO Australia.

White Papers and Webcasts

A collection of sponsored primers, case studies and analyst views.