by Jeremy Kirk

Oracle, Sun Fixing J2SE Bug With E-Business Suite

Mar 24, 20072 mins
BPM SystemsEnterprise Applications

Oracle is working with Sun Microsystems to fix a bug affecting how the E-Business Suite runs on Windows Vista.

The problem is a flaw within Suns Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) platform, wrote Steven Chan, director of applications technology integration, on one of Oracles blogs.

“This is a critical issue, unfortunately, and were working with Sun to get this into a future J2SE release,” Chan wrote. “As of today, we dont have a firm schedule for the next J2SE release containing this fix.”

Because of the problem, Oracle doesnt know when it will certify E-Business versions 11i and 12 for Vista. Oracle is still evaluating the use of J2SEs 5.0 and 6.0 plug-ins, Chan wrote.

The issue may not be pressing for many of Oracles customers just yet. Chan wrote that Oracle hasnt received much response to an informal survey about its clients plans to upgrade to Windows Vista. Most analysts expect a brisker adoption of Vista among businesses next year.

Its unlikely that Oracle will certify JlnitiatorOracles licensed version of Suns Java Virtual Machinewith E-Business clients running on Vista, “but thats also under investigation,” Chan wrote. Oracles forms-based modules are certified to run on Jlnitiator, Chan wrote on a previous blog entry.