by CIO Staff

Information Technology: Inside the Queen Mary 2

Jun 15, 2004 2 mins
Data Center


There are 1,550 miles of cable on board. There are some 2,500 data drops throughout the ship.

Smart Cards

Passenger information is scanned onto the cards, which also contain passenger photos. Guests use them to embark and disembark, buy products and services on board, and open cabin doors.

Passenger Cabin

Every cabin has a digital interactive TV. Guests can e-mail, buy products from the ship’s stores, sign up for shore excursions and classes, watch on-demand movies and check their billing data.

Satellite Communications

Two satellite antennae allow ship-to-shore communication. Cunard’s Miami-based IT staff can connect to IT systems via satellite to resolve onboard IT problems.


The commodore?Captain Ronald Warwick, whose late father helmed Cunard’s Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth 2?and his staff can navigate using a joystick.


Four electric motors (pods) pull the ship through the water and provide unprecedented maneuverability for a ship this size?the ship can dock without the use of tugs. Data from the engines is automatically transmitted via satellite.

Restaurants and Bars

Servers enter orders into the point-of-sale system. Information is wirelessly transmitted to access points on the ceiling, which are connected via cables to the galley. There are 40 or so wireless access points located throughout the vessel. Chefs view orders on two large plasma screens.

Main Business Operations Center

This room, located in the heart of the ship, hosts a rack of servers, the PBX communications system and the PA system. It has a raised floor, fire suppression and redundant power supply. Two other rooms serve as backups to the main computer room in case of failure.