by CIO Staff

In the Grid Game

May 15, 20042 mins
Data Center

Ascential ( Enterprise Integration Platform that supports data integration grids.

Avaki ( Avaki Data Grid creates a unified catalog of data across a network.

DataSynapse ( GridServer lets customers move existing applications to grid environment.

Dell ( Partnered with Platform Computing (see below) to provide grid-enabled systems for CPU-intensive computing purposes.

Enterprise Grid Alliance (

Group formed by Oracle, HP and others to create enterprise-oriented grid standards.

Global Grid Forum ( Standards body that creates and publishes grid computing standards.

The Globus Alliance ( Group offers open-source development kits based on Global Grid Forum and Oasis. Will likely include other standards.

Hewlett-Packard ( Utility Data Center provides rapid reallocation of computing resources. Works on a variety of corporate grid products and services.

IBM ( Grid is a central part of IBM’s autonomic computing model. Numerous products and partnerships in place.

Oracle ( Released Oracle 10g database early this year. Built-in support for grid computing resources.

Platform Computing ( Software that consolidates computing resources and provides an architecture for grid-enabled applications.

SAP ( Currently piloting a project to grid-enable SAP applications.

Sun Microsystems ( N1 Grid engine combines grid and clustering.

United Devices ( Offers enterprise grid software and hosting service for grid-on-demand.