by CIO Staff

Your Marketing Campaign Checklist

May 01, 20041 min
Consumer Electronics

Appoint an IT-dedicated marketing/communication professional.

Differentiate your audiences, and understand their priorities.

Choose key themes that tap into emotional aspects of business benefits.

Schedule quarterly IT business reviews with the executive team.

Brand the IT organization to create an image of professionalism and effectiveness.

Brand individual IT projects to generate awareness, momentum and buy-in.

Publish an IT catalog that defines products, services and SLAs in customer-oriented terms.

Create scorecards with metrics meaningful to the business.

Incorporate external cost benchmarks into scorecards and IT invoices to emphasize value.

Produce IT annual reports that include useful resources for employees.

Create brochures to raise awareness of IT systems and services.

Publish newsletters with case studies that demonstrate technology’s business value.

Enter IT award programs and publicize wins with business partners to increase credibility. -A.D.