by CIO Staff

Book Recommendations from EVA Winners

Feb 15, 20042 mins
IT Leadership

In honor of this issue’s CIO Enterprise Value Awards, we’ve compiled a member-recommended list of books and articles on running world-class IT. Reading a couple of these just might propel you into the winner’s circle next year.

Good to Great, by Jim Collins

“An excellent guide for building a great IT organization.”

-Evan Stewart, CIO, B/E Aerospace

The Servant, by James C. Hunter

This book “makes you analyze what is important in leading the IT organization.”

-Evan Stewart, CIO, B/E Aerospace

Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect, by Bob Rotella with Bob Cullen

“Though it is not an IT book, it contains insightful information that can be applied to IT. It focuses on the ’vision thing’?the premise that you need to set difficult tasks to achieve goals and then dedicate yourself to getting there, and you need to recognize that there will be setbacks. In the end, IT is not a process of perfect.”

-James M. Riis, CIO,BayView Financial Trading Group

“Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey?” by William Oncken and Donald L. Wass, Harvard Business Review, February 2000

“A failure to delegate is a huge time-waster for IT leaders, and it’s a hard skill to learn for someone with a technical background. ’Management Time’ is an absolutely fabulous article on the subject.”

-Paul Ingevaldson, SVP of International and Technology, Ace Hardware

The Deadline, by Tom DeMarco

“For a little light reading, try this novel about project management.”

Gene Elias, VP of IT, Quiksilver