by CIO Staff

Quiz: Who Donated to Candidates Campaigns?

Jan 15, 20041 min

Individuals had given more than $177 million to the campaigns of President Bush and the eight major Democrats as of Sept. 30, 2003. (See “Where the Candidates Stand,” Page 60, for their positions on IT-related issues.) Included in the millions were $2,000 individual donations?individuals are limited to contributions of $2,000 to each candidate in the primary election?from some high-ranking members of the IT industry. Fill in the blanks to match the donors with their candidates. (Note: Not every candidate received money from someone on this list.)


1. Floyd Duane Ackerman, CEO, BellSouth

2. Craig Barrett, CEO, Intel

3. Carly Fiorina, Chairman and CEO, Hewlett-Packard

4. Gary Forsee, Chairman and CEO, Sprint

5. Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft

6. Andrew Grove, Chairman, Intel

7. Jeffrey Heller, President and COO, EDS

8. Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO, Google


A President George W. Bush

B Gen. Wesley Clark of Arkansas

C Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean

D Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina

E Rep. Richard Gephardt of Missouri

F Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts

G Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut

H Former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois

I The Rev. Al Sharpton of New York


1. A, 2. A and G, 3. A, 4. A, 5. A, 6. G, 7. A, 8. E and F

Source: Center for Responsive Politics (