by Christopher Lindquist

Securing PDAs Is Often Overlooked

Oct 15, 20021 min
MobileSmall and Medium Business

Securing PDAs remains a oft-overlooked chore for many IT departments. Now Pointsec Mobile Technologies thinks it has a tool to make administration easier.

Pointsec for Pocket PC and Pointsec for Palm OS both offer encrypted, separate storage areas for sensitive information that needs a higher level of security. Users can also enter their PIN codes either with a standard number keypad or a “picture” pad that lets them choose a series of small icons as their code. The icons can also be randomized to help prevent theft by onlookers.

The software also includes features designed specifically for IT departments looking to get a better handle on PDA security. The Pointsec products let administrators set security policies?such as the number of times an incorrect password can be entered before the system locks itself and whether the infrared “beaming” feature is on or off?from one location. Accidentally locked-out users can also call IT for a code that will let them regain access to their device.

Pricing begins at $72 per seat for either version. For more information, visit