by CIO Staff

5 Resources to Help Recycle PCs, Additional Hardware

Apr 15, 20031 min
IT Leadership

In addition to each state’s department of environmental protection, there are several online databases that list local and regional recyclers, as well as programs for educational donations

National Recycling Coalition

A nonprofit organization that provides technical education, spreads information on recycling issues, helps shape recycling policy and encourages recycling markets.

Electronics Recycling

Provides information on collection, demanufacturing, and refurbishment and resale for electronics recycling. It also lists ideas for households and organizations to promote recycling and reuse.

The Computer Recycling Center

Promotes the reuse of computer and electronics equipment, and the recycling of unusable elements.

Share the Technology

Connects potential donors and recipients, providing state-by-state listings of those looking for or looking to discard technology.

Recycler’s World

Lists several categories of technology recycling, including computers, printer cartridges and telephone equipment, with links to companies, associations and publications related to each specific category.