by Ben Worthen

Data Privacy: How to Avoid Getting Sued

Apr 15, 20031 min

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid becoming a privacy test case before the Supreme Court. Follow these steps to help protect your company from litigation while fulfilling your legal obligation to law enforcement.

1 Make sure your privacy policy says that you will share information with the government when required by law.

2 Don’t share information with law enforcement unless you receive a court order or subpoena, and your legal department has determined it is valid.

3 Make sure all employees know that the first thing they need to do when contacted by a law enforcement agent is send the agent to the legal counsel?even if the employee has helped the agent in the past.

4 Figure out what pieces of technology you must have to comply with data-sharing regulations. You may not have to implement it immediately, but you should at least have a plan.