by Diann Daniel

More Numbers on Vista Adoption

Jan 17, 20082 mins
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Is Windows Vista finally gaining traction? A CDW survey found 48 percent of enterprises are evaluating or testing Vista.

Is Microsoft Vista finally gaining some traction with enterprise IT? A new study from technology products and services vendor CDW suggests that it is.


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Vista Never Had Its Moment in 2007

The CDW survey of 772 IT decision-makers was conducted in collaboration with research consultancy Walker Information in October and November, 2007.

Of those who are evaluating or using Windows Vista, 35 percent are in some stage of migration to the operating system, up from 12 percent in a previous CDW poll in February 2007. And 13 percent of respondents have already completed a migration to Vista, compared with 6 percent in February.

Improved security and performance top the list of Vista’s most-attractive features, with 65 percent of respondents citing security and 55 percent citing performance as the top benefits they believe they’ll see from implementing Vista.

As for concerns surrounding Vista, expected bugs tops the list. Fifty-one percent of respondents gave this as a priority consideration when thinking about implementation. That number is slightly less than in February’s poll, when 52 percent cited that worry. Respondents did show less concern about Vista’s hardware requirements, compared with February’s survey. Twenty-seven percent now say that hardware requirements are excessive, down from 37 percent.

Despite the upward adoption trend, a significant number of IT shops still view an upgrade to Vista unnecessary. Thirty-seven percent say that their current OS meets their needs; that figure was 40 percent in the February poll.