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Feb 11, 20082 mins
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Trendlines from April 15

In this issue: The cap on H-1B visas; Corporate mash-ups; Face-reading computers; The lapsing landline; China and RFID; Banning of social networks; The value of big monitors; Efficiency in IT shops; and By the numbers, including IT modernization.

Trendlines from April 1

In this issue: New York Talk Exchange maps telecommuting traffic; Vanity Googling pays off professionally; Microsoft implements energy-saving strategies; American companies embrace mobile apps; Retailers see the value of BI; Tech CEOs press Congress for R&D funding; EDS breeds future CIOs.

Trendlines from March 15

In this issue: The executive level job market; Microsoft opens its APIs; How to find a mentor; Staffing in a recession; IT spending eases off; Blackberry tips; and Consumer tech by the numbers.

Trendlines from March 1

In this issue: Questions raised by after an Internet cable breaks in the Mediterranean; How Google Apps bypass IT; India’s outsourcers take aim at infrastructure management; How well does your IT shop welcomes new hires?; A growing number of C suite staffers are coming from overseas.

Trendlines from February 15

In this issue: The impact a possible recession would have on VC funding; The battle between social networking sites; Security risks associated with remote workers; IT leaders continue to court Wall Street and By The Numbers: New rules and benchmarks for virtualization management.