by Al Sacco

Video: Five DEMO ’08 Presentations You Don’t Want to Miss

Feb 08, 20083 mins
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Couldn't make the DEMO 08 conference? No worries, we've collected video clips of five of the best presentations.

There were 77 product launches presentations at the recent DEMO 08 conference.

We’ve taken the trouble of scanning what went on in Palm Desert, Calif., on Jan. 28 to 30 and picked five presentations that are worth a quick look. (Note: and the organizers of the DEMO conference share a parent company, International Data Group.) Our picks include an intriguing mobile technology aimed at BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users; a Babel Fish-like chat application that translates foreign languages on the fly; collaboration tools, a truly universal power adapter that boasts a green IT angle, and a remote help desk for businesses and consumers.

Check out the short video presentations below.

The Green Plug Power Supply: A Real Universal Adaptor

Frank P. Paniagua, founder and CEO of Green Plug, talks about the origins of his company and how its products provides universal and safe power connection that are both reusable and affordable. Paniagua also pushes his company’s “greenness,” by describing how it eliminates waste in the process of doing away with cable chaos.

Green Plug at DEMO 08

SpeakLike Chat Translates Text in Different Languages

Sanford H. Cohen, founder and CEO of SpeakLike, describes how the company’s product uses automated translation and the help of live support representatives to provide fast and reliable language translation services.

SpeakLike Chat Translation

Rove Mobile’s PCMobilizr Brings Desktop Computer Content to Business and Consumer BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile Devices

Rob Woodbridge, president and CEO of Rove Mobile, along with the company’s CTO, shows the crowd at DEMO 08 how the company’s PCMobilizr gives users access to content on their home or work desktop computers. He even demonstrates how the app lets users manipulate any form of file or application remotely. And it’s now available to businesses and consumers.

PCMobilizr from Rove Mobile at DEMO 08

2Win Solutions’ KonoLive Offers Instant Collaboration Between Remote Parties

Representatives from Israeli firm 2Win Solutions tout the company’s new KonoLive “instant collaboration platform” that enables users spread across the globe to connect and collaborate on a wide variety of documents and files include content created by any Microsoft Office application.

KonoLive Collaboration Platform Remote PC Problem Diagnosis and Resolution launched its PC HealthCheck service at DEMO 08 to help consumers and small- to medium-size businesses quickly diagnosis computer problems and then fix them remotely without ever having to fill out an IT helpdesk ticket. The website offers free issue diagnosis, and it will even scan computers with no known issues to see if they’re performing as well as they could be, as well as if security settings are optimized.

SupportSoft’s Remote Computer Issue Diagnosis and Resolution