by Al Sacco

Website Serves Up ’08 Campaign Coverage Optimized For Mobile Phones

Feb 04, 20083 mins
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Political junkies can get their fix using a new website from go2 Media that's optimized for mobile phones. Site serves up news, analysis and commentary on Clinton and Obama, Romney and McCain, and more from the 2008 presidential campaign trail.

Don’t have constant access to a computer to surf the Web or to a TV to catch the latest news report on the 2008 presidential campaign? Use your Web-enabled mobile phone to check out go2 Media’s go2 Election ’08 mobile website, announced today.

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Go2 Election ’08 is a Wireless Applications Protocol (WAP) optimized mobile website that provides coverage of the various presidential campaigns and related happenings, as well as various commentary and analysis collected from CBS, UWIRE–which aggregates content from various college publications–and a number of go2 mobile correspondents, according to Rob Adler, CEO of go2 Media. The site is accessible using most Web-enabled cell phones, with the exception of older WAP 1.0 devices. (Adler estimates that less than 5 percent of the Web-enabled handsets used today are WAP 1.0 phones.)

Thousands, maybe even millions, of news sources available on the Internet today provide constant information on the upcoming presidential election to mobile Web surfers. For instance, The New York Times mobile site has a politics section, and ABC News has a mobile “Election Tracker” that collects campaign results. Search giant Google’s mobile website also indexes campaign coverage from a plethora of sources throughout the Internet. But go2 Election ’08 is different because of the way it packages and delivers that content to mobile users, Adler says.

screenshot from go2 mobile election 08 site
Screenshot from go2 Election ’08

“There’s a lot of content on the Web, but how you package it makes a difference, especially in mobile,” says Adler. “We’ve been publishing mobile content since 2000 and have probably served more than a billion WAP pages, so we’re very experienced in delivering a high quality user experience to high-end smartphones all the way down to the most basic WAP phones.”

Effective mobile sites typically have far less content on their pages than traditional websites, and go2 Election ’08 displays only a few hot stories on each page so as not fill small mobile screens with clutter. The bottom of each page features links to different sections of the site for easy navigation.

The site also delivers a mobile version of CBS’ Horserace political blog and detailed profiles of all candidates, including those that have already dropped out,. Such profiles include career highlights, books authored, presidential announcement dates and more. Various SMS text alerts are also available.

“Today, the candidates, particularly the democratic candidates, have been aggressively using mobile technologies and the Web to broaden their base of support, to engage with their community of voters and to interact, ” Adler says, “and there’s no question that the Web and mobile are increasingly going to play a role to better inform and better connect candidates and communities. That’s exciting to see.”