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Cell Phone Users That Drive Us Nuts - Tech Knockoffs - Tech Zealots - Weird but Real Gadgets and Gizmos - 10 Warning Signs Your IT Career Is in Trouble - Free BlackBerry Apps - Cool Experiments from Google Labs - Best and Worst Cities to Work in IT - Best Products from the Latest Tech Shows - and much more.

10 Insane PC Case Mods

From some very talented people come these awesome and often weird PC case mods.

Top 12 Tech Knockoffs

Cheap knockoffs aren’t limited to Ray-Bans and Rolexes. Read on for a look at an imitation iPad, a pirated Palm Pre, and more low-budget copies of popular tech products–often with features not found in the originals.

12 Types of Cell Phone Users That Drive Us Nuts

Maybe you’ve seen Bluetooth Johnson, the bathroom texter or Han Solo, a.k.a, the holster master, in action. But hopefully, you don’t see any of these 12 annoying cell phone characters when you look in the mirror.

10 Ways Microsoft Tried and Failed to Rule Mobile

Take a tour through Microsoft’s forgettable, regrettable mobile OS history.

25 Awesome Tech Products at DEMO

Internet TV, IT security, smartphone apps, cloud services and more on display at DEMO Spring 2010.

Smartphone Smackdown: HTC EVO 4G vs. Google Nexus One

Can HTC’s WiMAX phone best Google’s own Android handset?

AT&T’s New Spring Smartphones

Looking to boost its device portfolio, AT&T has added several high-profile smartphones.

12 Types of Tech Zealots: How to Spot Them in the Wild

Maybe you know Apple fanboys, but can you tell an Oracle high flyer from a disciple? An IBMer from an SAP enthusiast? Mix them up in a work or social setting and you could be conversation roadkill. Here’s our highly unofficial guide.

19 Weird but Real Gadgets and Gizmos

Take a walk on tech’s wild side with some of the strangest, most original, and most bizarre gadgets you’ve ever seen. We’ve got vacuums for your lawn, swimwear that can charge your iPod, and grenades that don’t explode but still go boom.

Windows Phone 7: A Sneak Peek at the Apps

Windows Phone 7 Series won’t be out until the end of the year — meanwhile, whet your appetite with a look at some of the cool apps waiting in the wings.

Fanboys: A Field Guide

We’ve identified eight species of “fanboys” — people who revere one tech platform above all others. Here’s what makes them tick.

Open-Source Hardware Gadgets

The success of open-source software raises a tantalizing question: Could the same design philosophy work for tech gadgets?

10 Geeky Gadgets You’re Embarrassed to Admit You Want

A celebration of the gadget geek in us all.

Fighting the Dark Side: Tech’s Heroes and Villains

The hero and the villain. It’s the age-old formula that pervades today’s reality TV showdowns, the shenanigans of professional wrestling and cinematic classics like Star Wars. Tech is no different, with its passionate heroes who balance profit with innovation and social responsibility, and the money-mad, egomaniac villains who simply cannot be trusted. Here’s a look at tech’s good guys and bad guys.

Ten of the World’s Strangest Social Networks

If you crave advice on sculpting the perfect mustache, revel in the dark and mysterious world of vampires or seek a divorce from your partner, yes, there’s a social network for that. Here are 10 weird and truly niche social networking sites that strive to bring together some unusual birds of a feather.

Coolest Stuff from Cebit 2010

A roundup of the gadgets and cool technology that were on display at Cebit this year.

HP Adds Touch, Color to EliteBook, ProBook

The six new systems with their faster Intel i5 and i7 CPUs, touchscreens, and brushed aluminum cases are intended to lure businesses off Windows XP.

The Best of Google Buzz

People saying stupid things on the Internet is hardly news. Thanks to Google Buzz, however, we know exactly when — and where — it’s happening.

10 Warning Signs Your IT Career Is in Trouble

Meetings with weasely consultants. Nicknames that would make teenage girls cringe. Learn about all the red flags that indicate your IT career will soon explode like a bad bottle of Mountain Dew.

Free BlackBerry Apps: Your Smartphone’s 10 New Best Friends’s BlackBerry-watcher Al Sacco offers up details–and download links–for ten of his favorite, free BlackBerry smartphone applications.

BlackBerry Travel Apps: 10 Must-Have Downloads

Before your next trip, check out 10 of the best travel-minded mobile applications for BlackBerry smartphones.’s road warrior Al Sacco shares details and download information.

7 Most Useful Firefox Add-Ons

These heavy-duty browser add-ons can replace desktop applications.

7 Android Devices That Aren’t Phones

Android has become a popular choice for Internet entertainment devices and more.

RSA Conference Debuts New Security Gear

A range of vendors chose RSA Conference 2010 to unveil their latest products.

Top 10 RSA Conference Security Innovators

Here are the 10 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox competitors for the title of most innovative security product likely to have a big impact.

The Best of Mobile World Congress 2010

MWC is the premier global event for the mobile phone industry. Here’s the latest in mobile innovations, from Barcelona this week.

Macworld Expo 2010 Best of Show

The Macworld Editors scoured the show floor to find the 11 products worthy of Best of Show. Here’s a list of the winners.

The 10 Coolest Experiments from Google Labs

When you’ve got thousands of the world’s most brilliant engineers spending 20 percent of their time on whatever takes their fancy, cool software is the result.

Vancouver 2010: An Exclusive Tour of the Technology Operations Center

More than 100,000 hours of testing has been completed to ensure the technology that makes the Olympics tick will run without a bobble. Here’s an inside look at this gold metal setup.

Six High-Tech Ways to Enjoy the 2010 Olympics

Faster, higher, techier: Geeky ways to enjoy the Winter Olympic games.

From Paper Tape to Data Sticks: The Evolution of Removable Storage

Over the years, people have tried to transfer information from one computer to another in a dizzying number of ways. Heres a look at some of the best, along with others that time forgot.

Google Buzz: A Visual Tour

Google Buzz is part Facebook and Twitter; allowing you to share links and images and keep your friends informed as to where you are and what you’re doing.

Worst Cities to Work in IT: International Edition

You think you’ve got it bad working your IT job in Detroit, Anchorage or Cleveland? Check out our global list of the riskiest and most toxic work environments — then count your blessings.

How to Make New Stuff From Your Piles of Obsolete Tech

A new book shows you how to make usable items from old PCs, cell phones, scanners, printers, and other dead tech gear.

Android Apps for Business Users

10 handy apps for Google Android phones that take the sting out of business travel and keep you productive on the road.

The Apple Tablet and 10 Other Overhyped Tech Products

With Apple’s much-hyped tablet just released, here’s a look at some products that got way more hype than they deserved.

Android Apps for Developers and IT Pros, at a Glance

A quick slideshow tour of Google Android apps that make a geek’s life easier.

Apple’s iPad: The Key Capabilities, at a Glance

It’s not quite a netbook, it’s not quite an iPod Touch — Apple’s new iPad is something else. Take a look at its key features and decide for yourself what it can be for you.

12 Years of Big-Time Apple Innovations

From the iMac to the anticipated Apple tablet, here are the biggest releases of the second Steve Jobs era.

10 Great iPhone Apps for Business Users, at a Glance

A look at some smart productivity apps for the world’s smartest smartphone.

8 Gadgets That Will Be Huge in 2010

After everything we’ve seen, these are the tech products we believe will rack up big sales by next Christmas.

10 Top iPhone Apps for IT Pros

Want to prove that your iPhone is good for business? Here are 10 useful apps that can improve your IT operations.

Quiz: What Were the First Products from Today’s Biggest Tech Companies?

Cisco, Microsoft, IBM: They all started somewhere, what were the first products out of their doors?

Five Ways Techies Can Stay Motivated This Year

Have you heard? Americans hate their jobs more than ever. But from movies to games to Steve Jobs, IT troops can find inspiration even in dark career times.

Microsoft’s History with the Tablet PC

Microsoft Slate PC demonstration is just one in long line of tablet device tries.

Google Nexus One vs Apple iPhone 3GS

Smartphone showdown: How Google’s offering compares to Apple’s high-end iPhone.

Transformers Mouse and USB Drives

Toshiba plans to release Transformers accessories.

Hot Mobile Apps at CES Showdown

Dissecting the nine finalists from the Consumer Electronics Show Mobile Apps Showdown.

The Biggest Bummers of CES 2010

From the lack of recycling bins to news announcements that weren’t really news, here’s what missed the mark at this year’s show.

CES Day Zero: The Laptop with Two Brains, AT&T Goes Android and More

The big show in Vegas hasn’t even officially started yet, but we’ve already seen new tablets, innovative cameras, and a speaker built into a light bulb.

2010 Technology of the Year Winners

The InfoWorld Test Center picks the year’s best hardware and software for business computing.

The State of IT Jobs: 2010

After a brutal year, what can tech pros do to make the most of their careers?

10 Start-Ups to Watch in 2010: A Product Roundup

See technology from some of IT’s most promising start-ups.

Microsoft Rebels

Competition has caused these seven users to trade in their Microsoft wares for alternatives from other vendors.

Apple’s Top 10 Biggest News Stories in 2009

When Apple’s employees and its customers look back on 2009, will they see it as the best year ever, or one of the most controversial?

Seven Features in Windows 7 You Probably Don’t Know About

From streaming Netflix movies in Windows Media Center to eye candy desktop Themes to a calculator that does a lot more than arithmetic, here’s a slideshow of cool but unappreciated Windows 7 features.

End-of-the-Decade Technology Quiz

Test yourself on the biggest, best, wackiest tech events since the turn of the century.

The 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Work and Play

Some of these add-ons for Google’s browser will boost productivity and some are just plain fun.

Steampunk Tech Mods: A 19th-Century Take on 21st-Century PCs and Gadgets

If Sherlock Holmes–or Jack the Ripper–had owned our technology, his equipment might have looked like this.

8 More PowerPoint Train Wrecks

We thought we had seen presentation disaster at its worst with the last set of PowerPoint slides. We were wrong. These train wrecks, captured in all their not-so-fiery infamy, show what truly terrible PPT slides can do to burn innocent audiences everywhere.

13 of Microsoft’s Most Important Product Releases for 2009

Microsoft filled 2009 with product releases that include clients, servers, management tools, browsers, search engines, Web apps, mobile operating systems, media players and more. Plus one surprise release that stunned the industry.

2009’s Most Awesome Android Apps

The apps that won big in this year’s Android Developer.

What it Takes to Build the Ideal Android Smartbook

Google could pioneer a new approach to computing by combining these 10 technologies into a netbook.

Ye Olde Vintage Computer Gift Guide

Got a nostalgic geek on your holiday shopping list? Check out this list of classic PCs and other tech paraphernalia, many available for $10 or less.

Smartphone Stocking Stuffers: 15 Hot Accessories and Add-Ons’s mobile guru Al Sacco scoured the Web for the best and most affordable stocking stuffers sure to bring joy to the hearts of smartphone-lovers this holiday season – iPhone, BlackBerry, Window Mobile, Palm and Android users alike. With our smartphone accessory gift guide, you can quickly please every handset hound on your list.

10 Totally Ridiculous Combo Gadgets

From a combo taser/MP3 player to a computer mouse/VoIP phone, these Frankengadgets never should have seen the light of day.

Top 10 Non-Tech Gadgets IT Pros Can’t Live Without

IT professionals need a lot more than a computer and a smartphone to get their jobs done. Here are 10 mostly non-tech tools they can’t function without.

2009’s Top 10 Emerging Enterprise Technologies

Top picks for 2009’s most significant up-and-coming technologies for business.

25 Tech Gift Ideas: Cool Yule Favorites

Holiday gift suggestions for the techie on your wish list.

2009 Geek Gadget Gift Guide

Looking for that perfect holiday gift for the techie in your life? Check out these top 10 picks.

Top IT Turkeys of 2009

What does Balloon Boy have in common with VMware’s Scott Drummonds? Can the mouth of Kanye West compare to that of a former Cisco executive? Which IT companies’ divorce is at least as messy as Jon and Kate’s? These are the deep philosophical questions that this year’s annual IT Turkeys list (in honor of Thanksgiving) aims to answer. So grab a metaphorical carving knife and click on.

Google Chrome OS: A Visual Tour

Expected in late 2010, this first look at the new OS for Web appliances exemplifies Google’s simple cloud approach.

The 25 Funniest Vintage Tech Ads

My oh my, how things have changed. These 25 vintage tech ads are guaranteed to take you back – and, in most cases, remind you how truly terrible our tastes once were.

Best BlackBerry Apps of 2009

Rounding up the 16 finalists in the BlackBerry Developer Challenge.

Rotten Apple: Apple’s 12 Biggest Failures

Apple sets the standard – for both success and failure. Here’s a look at 12 major screwups, some of which almost derailed the company.

Ten Great iPhone Hobby Apps

Grilling. Bird watching. Shopping. Whatever your downtime passion, there’s an app for that. Here’s a look at ten intriguing options to help you recharge.

11 Open Source Companies to Watch

Open source companies worth watching focus on cloud computing, security, collaboration and more.

Best and Worst of Exchange 2010

A feature by feature analysis of Microsoft’s new email software.

The Definitive Android Smartphone Guide

The basic lowdown on Droids, Cliqs, Xperias, Moments and Heroes – broken down by price, carrier, processing speed and other features.

Windows 7 in Pictures: The Coolest New Hardware

Microsoft put eye-catching hardware on display at last week’s Windows 7 launch event. From netbooks and ultrathins to standard-size laptops and All-in-One touchscreen PCs, here’s a closer look at some of the shiniest new Windows 7 machines.

Tech Holiday Wish List: 10 Cool Gadgets We Really, Really Want

Colorful netbooks, personal TV systems, powerful digital cameras, and a potent Webcam: Our list is made, and we’re checking it twice.

Evolution of the MP3 Player

Portable digital music players have evolved through the years, from hulking $800 devices to tiny $60 iPod Shuffles. Here’s a look at how MP3 players have changed over the past decade.

Motorola Droid vs. Apple iPhone 3GS

Two hot smartphones side-by-side, Motorola Droid 3G and iPhone 3GS.

Secrets of Successful Data Centers

A look at what makes data centers successful.

Tech: 9 Things I Still Hate About You

Sure, we all claim to love technology. But there’s just as much to loathe about the world of tech and techies – whether it’s internal users suffering from PEBKAC, IT workers lost in their own acronym-filled worlds, Apple devotees, or early-adopter consumers who love themselves a little too much.

RIM’s BlackBerry Bold 9700: Features at a Glance

The Bold 9700 is a more compact version of the 9000 model, with some interesting additions, like support for VoIP over Wi-Fi, that may have special appeal for business users. Here’s an overview of the 9700 specifications, with some comparisons with the previous model.

The Top 7 Roadkill Victims on the Journey to Windows 7

Pay your respects to the technologies that pointed the way to innovation, only to be knocked out by competing follow-on Microsoft versions.

Cool Home Office Gear

Deck out your home office with some cool home office furniture and technology.

Smartphones of CTIA Fall 2009: 10 Groundbreaking Gadgets

The world’s top handset makers showed off their latest and greatest at the recent International CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2009 show. Check out these 10 up-and-coming handsets from HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, RIM and Palm.

10 Great Google Apps Add-Ons for the Enterprise

Apps to make Google’s office wares more appealing for the enterprise.

Quiz: Separate Cyber Security Fact From Fiction

How well do you know the threats posed by cyber attacks?

7 Tools to Ease Your Windows 7 Rollout

These utilities will help you plan, ensure app compatibility and manage images.

Top 10 Open Source Apps for Mac OS X

Every Mac user should consider making these applications and utilities part of their standard toolkit.

The Web Browser Turns 15: A Look Back

A look back at 15 years of wars, lawsuits, and standards the Web browser has brought us.

The Mobile Phone: A History in Pictures

Take a stroll down memory lane and see the evolution of the mobile phone, from its humble beginnings with the Motorola DynaTAC in 1983 to the Apple iPhone 3GS in 2009!

Building the Ultimate Smartphone

What if you could combine the best parts of every smartphone on the market?

Good and Wicked Cool Mobile and Wireless Companies to Watch

From IT management services to Apple iPhone apps, mobile vendors are targeting enterprise users with some unique offerings.

Here is a closer look at some of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 phones.

It Came From Outer Space: NASA Innovations in Our Lives

Since the 1960s, NASA and its many research partners have developed a variety of products designed to keep the space shuttle safe, its astronauts healthy and comfortable, and to explore the far-reaches of our solar system. The materials and technologies they developed have proven as valuable on earth as they did in space. Here are eight consumer products that are truly heaven sent.

8 Cool Phones You Can’t Get Here (Yet)

The United States is rarely the first country to get the latest and coolest in mobile-phone technology. Here’s a look at what we’re missing stateside right now.

iPhone App Logos: 10 of the Best and Worst

Designing an iPhone app logo poses a big marketing challenge. The logo must be creative enough to stand out from the crowd in the App Store. Yet the logo has to clearly convey the function of the app on the iPhones diminutive app screen. It also has to tie into a brand’s Web site and other marketing collateral. All this in a thumbnail’s worth of space. Here’s a look at some iPhone app logos that do the job well (and some that leave us wanting more than cute animals or screen clutter).

Cheap and Easy Ways to Use Your Gadgets on the Road

Travel can be stressful and expensive. Here are tips for keeping your gadgets charged and for saving money on smartphone bills while you’re away from home – whether elsewhere in the United States or halfway around the world.

Cell Towers That Blend Vs. Those That Offend

Cell towers are everywhere, but some are more conspicuous than others.

Are Netbooks Ready for the Enterprise?

5 reasons to deploy netbooks; 5 reasons not to.

13 Hot Products from DEMOfall ’09

New products that help you to store data, videoconference and even find true love.

Cubicles Gone Wild: 13 Wacky Workspaces

The office cubes you are about to see are definitely not what Herman Miller (the furniture company responsible for the modern day cubicle) had in mind. Every office has its colorful cube-dwellers, but these may make your office mates seem tame.

Separated at Birth: Tech Honchos and Their Famous Lookalikes

Tech titans are often one of a kind characters. But some Silicon Valley kingpins have virtual twins lurking in Hollywood and Washington, D.C. Who might play Marc Benioff or Carly Fiorina? Here’s a look.

Best Smartphones for Under $100

No need to pay big bucks for a high-quality, full-featured smartphone. We’ve rounded up the best inexpensive models across the four major carriers. Whether you’re a social networker, a business executive, or a multimedia addict, there’s a wallet-friendly smartphone for you.

20 Goofy USB Gadgets & Gizmos You’ll Love

We scoured the Web for the world’s wackiest USB-powered gadgets to dress up and differentiate your desktop or cubicle – and


entertain coworkers. These 20 gizmos, from cubicle stink-busters to toasters that print the morning news on your breakfast, could lower the stress quotient at even the highest-pressure offices.

Fashionable Laptop Bags Let You Geek Out in Style

As New York Fashion Week rolls around, we bring you the sexiest designer bags of the upcoming season. And some are practical, too.

Facebook now offers a “lite” version for those with slow Internet access or who are simply tired of the clutter.

10 Cool Web Apps Developed in Two Days

Rails Rumble 2009 contest spawns social networking software, application testing tools and dinner-date making apps.

Laptop Sweet Spot: 12 Winners That Cost $650 or Less

Need more PC punch than a netbook but less than a top-of-the-line desktop replacement? Here’s a clutch of laptops that will get the job done.

The biggest surprise at Wednesday’s Apple event was an appearance by Steve Jobs. Besides that, iPod fans were treated to new Nanos, iTunes 9, and lower prices.

The 11 Most Influential Microprocessors of All Time

From the brains of the Voyager space mission to the inspiration for modern CPUs, here are the chips that built our modern technological culture.

5 Lab Technologies That Could Reinvent Cell Phones

Academics are pushing the boundaries of cell phone technology beyond calling, messaging and Internet access.

Snow Leopard Versus Windows 7

Neither Windows 7 or Snow Leopard try to reinvent the wheel, but both pack notable new features, large and small.

Luxuries for Leaders: How IT Chiefs Reward Themselves

From simple pleasures to small luxuries, IT leaders find ways to reward themselves for their hard work.

10 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Google

You use Google’s site every day, but how well do you know the company?

Essential (and Cool) Laptop Gear

Have a look at 14 of our favorite functional (and fun) notebook accessories, whether you and your laptop plan to hit the road or park in your home office.

Techies Turned Politicians

With former HP chief Carly Fiorina likely running for Senate, we ask: what other techies have launched political careers?

Information Technology: It’s Not Just a Guy Thing

Nine women who found great careers in high tech.

Apple Disasters: A Look at the Products that Flopped

With the success of the iPod and iPhone, Apple has become celebrated for sleek devices that fly off the shelves. But deep in the annals of Apple history are a number of products that were commercial flops.

iPhones and iPods on the Job: Creative Uses

From artists to U.S. soldiers, more professionals than ever are using the iPhone and iPod Touch to get important jobs done. Here’s a look at five ways the iPhone gets down to business on campus, on the battlefield, and beyond.

Top 10 Open Source Hall of Famers

Top picks for the most indispensable open source software of all time.

When Rogue IT Staffers Attack: 8 Organizations That Got Burned

Many call them rogue IT staffers, others might consider them IT heroes, and some are still innocent until proven guilty. But whatever the name or intention, these tech-savvy employees wreaked havoc at their organizations – and paid a price.

Penguins, Lizards and Apple’s X Factor: How Famous OS Logos Got Started

Ronald McDonald and the NBC Peacock may get more TV air time, but today’s operating systems have cool logos, too. Google, Apple, Microsoft and the Linux crowd crafted mascots ranging from cute lizards to circles of life. Here we look at the origins of the logos and look ahead to their future.

Top 10 Open Source Apps for Windows, at a Glance

Every Windows user should consider making these utilities part of their standard applications.

CEOs Still Getting Big Perks Despite Pay Backlash

Executive compensation is under fire, but CEOs are still enjoying perks such as company jets, personal security, financial planning advice and club memberships.

Cash for IT Clunkers?

If there was a program for outdated IT products, which IT clunkers would be the most popular trade-ins? Here are some nominations and trade-in suggestions.

Twitter Tips: Five Best Apps to Manage a Company Account

If your company has its own Twitter account, your team can manage it better using third-party apps. Here we highlight five of the best Twitter apps for handling multiple users, search, scheduling and tracking tweets and more.

20 Best BlackBerry, iPhone Apps for Summer Travel

Smartphones and summer vacation, like oil and water, simply don’t mix? We beg to differ. Just because you employ your BlackBerry or iPhone for work, doesn’t mean it can’t play hard, as well. The following 20 applications, 10 for BlackBerry and 10 for iPhone, are guaranteed to enhance any getaway – and help you realize the full potential of your mobile device.

Top Tech Rollercoasters

These rip-roaring rides use the latest sensors, computers and networks to thrill and secure riders.

Mobile Security: How Gadgets Evolved

Still got an old HP or Compaq laying around? CSO Publisher (and packrat) Bob Bragdon does! Rummaging around Bragdon’s attic (with some memory help from mobile office expert Catherine Roseberry) provides a look at how mobile device security has evolved.

16 Breakthrough Notebooks: A Look Back

From the first prototype portable computer in 1968 to the OLPC XO (an inspiration for netbooks) to the CrunchPad Web tablet of the near future, these 16 notebooks mark important stages in the progress of laptops.

Battered, Bashed and Beaten: Broken iPhones A-Go-Go

How much damage can an iPhone actually withstand? See for yourself, in these cringe-inducing images – ouch!

The Hardware Hall of Fame

From mainframes and minis to PCs and PDAs, our picks for the greatest, most enduring computer hardware of all time.

Executive Compensation: The 10 Highest-Paid Tech Chiefs of 2008

A look at the IT executives who are cashing the biggest paychecks and the reasons why these men (and one woman) earn what they do.

11 Security Companies to Watch

In spite of the headwinds from a stormy economy, these start-up companies are down the runway and taking off with innovative products and services for IT security. On their radar can be found a focus on botnet and malware detection as well as mobile and virtualization security.

In Pictures: Sony’s New Vaio W Netbook

Sony is the latest computer maker to enter the netbook market. Here’s what you can expect from the new Vaio W netbook, coming next month.

From Palm Pilot to Palm Pre: A Brief History of Palm’s Handhelds

Will the Palm Pre be the last in a storied line of products, or will it mark the beginning of a new era for the once and former Palm, Inc.?

Mobile Deathmatch: Palm Pre vs. iPhone, side by side

Which mobile device can do the most for you? See what each can do – or not – in this comparison.

Mobile Deathmatch: BlackBerry vs. iPhone, Side by Side

How much more than a phone can these devices be? See what each can do – or not – in this comparison.

Inside the Posh Pads of Tech’s Elite

Super-wired, super-plush and, of course, super-expensive: Check out the homes of Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Marc Benioff and their tech titan peers. Bernie Madoff’s now-seized cribs had little on these palaces on land and sea when it comes to luxury.

The Worst U.S. Cities to Work in IT

IT workers have their choice of many great U.S. cities for work and play (Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle), but what are the cities that you probably should avoid? Here’s a very unscientific, highly subjective and unapologetically snarky list of our least favorite U.S. tech job locales.

Windows 7 in Pictures: 10 Cool Desktop Features

In anticipation of Windows 7 being released into the wild on Oct. 22, here is an up-to-date pictorial guide to the most compelling navigation and networking features of the OS.

The Best and Worst of BlackBerry App World

We strolled through the virtual aisles of Research in Motion’s fledging application marketplace and found five great titles – and as many clunkers.

Desktops of the Future: Say Goodbye to the Tower

A look at some of the slickest, sleekest, most stylish desktops of the future that are currently available.

World’s Most Outrageous PC Cases

We have PCs packed into pianos, barbecue grills, gas pumps, and whisky bottles – and that doesn’t even scratch the surface. Check out these 20 wild, working pieces of PC art.

Forget iPhone 3G S: Eight Great New iPhone Alternatives

Apple unveiled its latest smartphone offerings this week, in the form of two new devices: the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 3G S. That’s all fine and good for Apple fanatics; you can have your spiffed up iPhones. Here are eight more devices we like just as much – or more – than Cupertino’s new mobile wares.

9 Management Apps That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Open source world delivers enterprise capabilities at a price that’s hard to resist.

10 Apple Trivia Questions

Think you know Apple? Take our Apple trivia quiz to find out how much you really know.

Two Turntables and a MacBook: IT Geeks Get Their Groove On

By day, they work in IT- designing and developing software, building microchips, setting up servers and performing QA. But when the work day is done, these five techies hit the 1s and 2s (turntables), beat-matching, mixing and scratching, spinning tunes that will make you wanna groove.

The World’s Weirdest Mice

A mouse is such a simple device that not even the worst inventor could screw it up, right? Wrong! We’ll give you 13 examples.

5 Tools to Prevent Energy Waste in the Data Center

Data centers are filled with power-hungry racks of storage and servers, but many products and services are capable of reducing the power usage of existing IT equipment. The five tools highlighted here will help data centers stop wasting energy.

15 Nifty BlackBerry Apps for IT Pros

The BlackBerry App World store, which can be downloaded for free onto your BlackBerry, offers hundreds of applications for social networking, productivity, reference, entertainment, personal finance and more. For both work and play, these 15 BlackBerry apps will help a busy IT pro get through the week.

Where the IT Jobs Are: 10 American Cities

New York City and Washington, D.C. are among the areas having the most IT jobs available. Check out the list cities looking for IT professionals along with a few reasons why IT pros might want to search for work there.

Coolest Robots of 2009

The latest wave of robot technology can enrich and save lives. Some of the coolest robots highlighted here perform a variety of duties in the healthcare and military fields.

Death of the Mouse

New touchscreen and voice recognition technologies could make the mouse obsolete. Here are some products that don’t require pointing and clicking.

10 Hot Netbooks – From Pricey to Dirt Cheap

Why are so many people buying netbooks? Well, they’re light as a feather and fulfill all the basic computing needs. But it’s the killer price that seals the deal for many. Here we highlight top-selling netbooks, from the (relatively) high end to the under-$300 range.

10 Most Anticipated Ultraportables and Netbooks of 2009

Thinking of buying an ultraportable laptop or a netbook soon? Check out this top 10 list of upcoming portables before you open your wallet.

The Triumph of the Geek: The Evolution of Tech-Obsessed Nerds Through Time

“I am a geek” hasn’t always been something to proclaim proudly. No matter: Thanks to smartphones, Facebook and other must-have tech, we reign supreme today.

Smartphones of CTIA ’09: The 10 Hottest Handhelds

The world’s foremost handset manufacturers showed off their latest and greatest wares last week at the international CTIA Wireless 2009 event in Las Vegas. hit the show floor hard to bring you images and details on the hottest new and upcoming smartphones that may earn a home in your pocket.

14 Weird and Wacky Keyboards

Keyboards without keys, keyboards with mirrors, or keyboards for just one hand: Get ready for some wacky input devices.

15 Must-See Sights in Google Earth

From desert artwork that covers 62 miles, to a family of elephants, to the Firefox logo, Google Earth gives armchair explorers exciting images galore.

Laptop Wars: The MacBook Air vs. Dell Adamo

You know all about the on-again, off-again PC-Mac turf war, of course. Which is better? One thing we can tell you is that PC makers sure are taking note of Apple’s awesome design work. And that’s the setup for the welterweight matchup we have going on today.

Robots: The Good, the Rad and the Plain Ol’ Scary

Today’s robots have not reached the level of self-awareness or service that robots in sci-fi staples such as Star Wars, A.I. and Wall-E demonstrated. Still, what they can do will either have you marveling at technology or fearing for your future as the dominant species.

CEO Pay: Big Bucks for Tech’s Chief Executives

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s pay package grew 38% in 2008, while HP CEO Mark Hurd’s climbed 31%. Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha was granted $103 million in stock and option awardsbut like many CEOs’ long-term equity incentives, they’re underwater now. Read on to find out more about the salaries, bonus, stock awards and perks that tech CEOs took home in 2008. Our talliesarranged from lowest to highest paid CEOare based on data included in public companies’ proxy statements (DEF 14A form), as filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

BlackBerry Bling: The Hottest – and Priciest – Pimped-Out BlackBerrys

For the CrackBerry addict who has it all: These 10 BlackBerry smartphones and related accessories will break the banksome cost tens of thousands of dollars! But if only the best will do, check out these swanky handhelds and accessories, from diamond-studded cases to custom BlackBerry purses in python.

8 PowerPoint Train Wrecks

In the “so bad it’s good” category, we honor eight PowerPoint slides that will make you say, “Holy $#@%, What were they thinking?”

10 Movies That Predicted Future Tech (or At Least Came Close)

With movies ranging from Tron to The Truman Show, we highlight flicks that foretold today’s technology trends.

Indulge Yourself: Laptops of Luxury

10 Mac and PC laptops that are among the world’s most luxurious.

9 Cutting-Edge Car Technologies

Technology that keeps drivers awake, monitors teenage driving habits, and creates truly mobile offices. Here are nine automobile technologies that have us reaching for our wallet (or wishing we had more in it).

Fitness Tech: 15 of the Hottest Health and Exercise Gadgets, Gizmos and Apps

Technology is serving in the battle against the bulge. Here are 15 ways to encourage victory.

The Mac Evolution: Looking Back at Apple’s 11 Most Intriguing Computer Designs

Considering that this month marks the 25th anniversary of the Macintosh, it’s a good time to take a look at this computer’s past. From the first Apple to the MacBook Air, Macs have been regarded as technologically innovative, beautiful in product design andâ¬over timeâ¬become just plain cool.

2009 CES Wrap-Up: The Hottest Tech You Missed

The recession may have kept you away from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but don’t worry: We went for you.

Strong Brew, Free Samples and the Drive-Thru: A Week in the Life of Starbucks’ New CIO

Starbucks CIO Stephen Gillett participated in the coffee company’s executive immersion program, where newly hired senior leaders spend a week serving up coffee samples, working the drive-thru and doing much, much more. Here’s a photographic sampling of his week and the reason why Starbucks thinks the immersion program is important.

Swanky Tech for the Filthy Rich

Planning on hitting the jackpot soon? From a gargantuan HDTV to your own flying car, here are nine new tech toys you’ll want to decorate your life.

10 Gifts for the Hardcore Techies in Your Life

Gadgets, kits, and hacks for the geek who has everything.

Smartphones of 2008: The Eight Hottest Handsets of the Year

To celebrate the closing of 2008, we’ve hand-picked eight of the best smartphones to hit retail shelves throughout the year. We’ve got all the heavy-hitters, but a few of our choices just might surprise you.

Cool Computer Mouse Alert: 12 Useful, Unusual and Blinged-Out Mice You’ll Love

For those who consider their computer mouse a fashion accessory, a work of art, or a key piece of gaming, we’ve assembled 12 mice that will have you scurrying to upgrade now.

18 Cool Tech Toys: Your Geek Gift Guide for the Holidays

Eighteen ways to make the techies in your life happy this holiday season.

10 Laptop Bags You’ll Love: From “Green” to Gucci

Searching for the perfect laptop computer bag? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected 10 intriguing, functional and fashionable laptop carrying cases for even the pickiest of laptop enthusiasts. But bring your checkbook: most of our choices don’t come cheap.

How 10 Famous Technology Products Got Their Names

From iPod and BlackBerry to Twitter and Wikipedia, we take a look at the processes and people who came up with the names for these iconic tech products.

9 Ways Leaders Can Boost Morale and Lower Stress During Tough Times

Today’s workplace is fraught with difficult emotions and tension. As a leader, be sure you deal with those head-on or risk the consequences.

Tech Tricks and Treats of 2008

From a ghostly look into death and a topsy-turvy ad campaign from a tech giant to sweet and shiny tech toys, celebrate Halloween 2008 with a look at the year’s notable tricks and treats.

Event Networking Etiquette: A Step-by-Step Plan for Working a Room

Etiquette can lead to greater business success, and rarely are one’s manners more on display than at a conference or event. But if the thought of meeting new people at conferences or networking events causes your stomach to knot up, know you’re not alone. Assuage your nerves and gain confidence with networking etiquette know-how.

7 Cool, Weird and Useful Computer Keyboards

Not every computer keyboard or input device is a boring hunk of plastic. We look at several ergonomic, wireless, high-tech and just plain fun keyboards to brighten your day and give joy to your fingertips.

Nine Places Traveling Techies Will Love

Hotels are going high-tech. And with good reason: People are becoming increasingly dependent on 24/7 connectivity and on other techie requirements of both our work and home lives. Here are nine hotels that set themselves apart with amenities like room service Wii and rooms that greet you when you enter.

22 Signs You’re a Geek

Love of gadgets, a fat wallet and extensive online social networks are just three signs that you’re probably a geek. (And we mean that in the best way.) In honor of geeks everywhere, we compiled a list of your defining traits.

11 Geek Visionaries Who Created Technology We Can’t Live Without

Can’t imagine life without e-mail, your cell phone or the Internet? Luckily, these technology visionaries couldn’t, either.

Wearable Technology: Nine Can’t-Miss Examples of Geek Chic and Nerd Fashion

Technology has increasingly become a part of mainstream daily life. It was only a matter of time before it infiltrated your closet. From the practical (shirts that monitor your posture) to the attention-getters (clothes that light up) wearable technology is giving us new alternatives to standard geekwear.

Geek America: The Top 10 U.S. Cities for Technology Jobs

Where’s the best place for you to get your professional geek on? From Los Angeles to New York, we take you on a tour of the best towns for tech, including a comparison of local salaries.

The 14 Silliest Smartphone Accessories: How to Humiliate a BlackBerry, Embarrass an iPhone

You’ll find no shortage of lists of the best BlackBerry, iPhone and other smartphone accessories. Here’s a list of the rest. We’ve rounded up the most ridiculous accessories, and they sure are fun to gawk at.

CIO Compensation: Tech Execs Who Make Millions

Salary and benefits for superstar chief information officers range from home security systems to fat cash bonuses. Joe Smialowski, formerly of Freddie Mac, took home the biggest bonus on our list last year: $1,350,000. It’s no surprise that financial services firms dominate the list, but other industries made a strong showing, including retail and manufacturing. Click on to see how the other half lives.

Inside San Quentin Prison’s IT Crisis

Every day at San Quentin, prisoners must be monitored for communicable diseases and chronic illnesses. That job is nearly impossible with minimal technology for managing inmates’ medical records. What if you worked at California’s most notorious prison?

Nine Consumer Technologies CIOs Fear

We asked IT decision makers what consumer technologies make them cringe the most. The respondents were allowed to select only one. And while there was a clear consensus on the number-one threat, other technologies struck notes of anxiety for survey respondents. Read on to see what they found worrisome, and feel free to add your comment to the mix, including any consumer IT threat we might have missed.

Geek Chic from the '90s

Hot Tech Toys from the Past: Geek Chic from the ’90s Doesn’t Look So Cool Today

What a difference a decade makes: Can you believe you used this technology just 10 years ago, then unwound with a game of Doom? Join our look back at your first PDA love, not-so-portable music and the day long before Mac could ridicule PC.

2007 Ones to Watch

CIO’s annual Ones to Watch awards identify the rising stars in IT. Get to know the 25 winners for 2007 and learn why they were selected.

IT Urban Legends

They Couldn’t Have Done That! Ten IT Urban Legends Exposed

Urban legends have been with us since human beings started sharing stories. The best urban legends are dramatic, unbelievable and told with such frequency that recipients assume they have to be true. Of course, these outlandish stories are totally false. IT is not immune to urban legends; here are some of the most notable that have propagated over the years.

Ten Technology Letdowns of 2007

We had much to hail this year, including rising IT salaries and better virtualization tools, but we also sighed over IT products and ideas that fell short. Read on about what’s got us feeling cheated this year. And since misery loves company, please add your own bubble bursts.

Top 10 Tech-Induced Apologies

Technology Made Them Sorry: CIO’s Top 10 Tech-Induced Apologies

Unlike love, technology means frequently having to say you’re sorry.

State of the CIO 2007: Business Strategists on the Rise

CIOs don’t just lead IT shopsthe best are business strategists. More CIOs are reporting to CEOs than in the past and compensation rates overall continue to climb. That’s the big picture. Read on to drill down into the data on salaries, IT spending, outsourcing and more.