by Diann Daniel

CIO’s Top 10 Technology Blog Posts of 2007

Dec 20, 20074 mins
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Dell's nightmare tech support, Microsoft's closed lips, Alberto Gonzales's failed leadership and more...

From pondering what Chuck Norris can offer IT to musings on why your smartphone makes that annoying buzz to complaining about poor tech support, 2007 provided much fodder for discussion. Read on to find out which blog posts got you all fired up. (Ranking based on traffic.)

Research In Motion's (RIM) Dual Mode Voice Over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) BlackBerry 8820
VoWi-Fi BlackBerry 8820

Why Your BlackBerry Makes Speakers Buzz

After being reminded of the smartphone’s frustrating tendency to evoke the sound of disgruntled honeybees from the nearest speakers,’s Mobile Man (aka Al Sacco) got to the bottom of the mystery by speaking with Duncan Bradley, Research In Motion’s (RIM) director of global market intelligence.

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How Microsoft Refused to Speak With Me About Windows Error Reporting (WER)

Al Sacco delved into another mystery when he tried to find out what really happens to those Windows error reports you can send to Microsoft whenever a Windows app crashes. The only problem? After a week and a handful of assurances that Microsoft was working on coming up with an answer, the software giant refused to speak.

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The Controversial CIO Surfaces at Nielsen

Is there a CIO more famous for shaking things up than Mitchell Habib? Habib’s deep experience leading IT groups through change has earned him both loyalists and detractors. Here’s how one reader weighed in: “Sadly, Dave Calhoun and Mitchell Habib, from GE, are now turning their tricks at The Nielsen Company.”

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RIM Touch Screen BlackBerry 9000 Rumored to Come in ’08

The Boy Genius Report (BGR) published what it claims are technical specifications for a touch screen BlackBerry that will be part of RIM’s 9000 series. If BGR’s on target, a true iPhone rival may be on the horizon.

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Admit It: Your Company Discriminates Against Women’s Blogmom Esther Schindler asks: What do you do when an applicant—the person you desperately want for the position—asks a question during the interview that has no “good” answer?

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Does Computer Language Matter?

Ever since the language wars were about COBOL versus PL/1, developers have argued about which one is “best.” Best for what, though? Every language is a tool suited to a particular task, and the wise programmer chooses the best for the job. On the other hand, expertise in an in-demand language can ensure a steady income. What really matters in the computer language debate?

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chuck norris

Chuck Norris on Your Help Desk

“Guns don’t kill people. Chuck Norris kills people,” is one famous Chuck Norris-ism. “When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris,” is another. But do the tenets, insights and bold moves of Norris’s modus operandi apply to the world of IT? Senior Editor Thomas Wailgum says yes. Find out how in “Chuck Norris Facts: The IT Edition.”

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Alberto Gonzales as a Case Study in Failed Leadership

In top-tier leadership positions, there are inevitably crisis episodes and challenging chapters. The question is what should a leader do in response to those challenges. In the opinion of Michael Goldberg,’s online managing editor, Gonzales failed in three important ways.

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Riding the ERP Bus Forever

It’s time to begin calling enterprise software what it really is: a legacy system. The politically correct definition of the L-word usually describes systems developed around the time of the Summer of Love. But while the hippies have long since given in to shoes and prenups, the core computing systems of most companies still have the peace signs painted all over them. Except they’re much more difficult and expensive to maintain than a Microbus.

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A Painful Conversation with Dell

We all have our tech support horror stories to share. Blogmom Esther Schindler shares a particularly painful example of incompetence. Quite likely, you’ll be squirming in recognition.

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