by Diann Daniel

Top Business Intelligence Drivers for Service Organizations

Dec 12, 20071 min
Business Intelligence

BI and analytics are a pressing priority for product service organizations as they set their sights on meeting customer demand and managing rising costs.

Organizations that provide service for computer and office equipment, infrastructure, utilities and industrial equipment are facing mounting pressure to make accurate decisions more quickly.

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Customers want quicker, better service. And containing costs around labor, parts and fleet management is becoming increasingly important. To rise to the challenge, service organizations are making business intelligence and analytics a priority, says Micky Long, research director of strategic service management at Aberdeen Group. That focus reflects the business landscape at large, he says.

In a survey of 250 post-sale service organizations in an array of industries across the globe, Long found that nearly 80 percent of service executives have implemented a BI/analytics solution or plan to do so in the next years.

Here’s how the top drivers stacked up:

  • More efficient service: 56%
  • Increasing service costs: 30%
  • Better decisions: 26.5%
  • Competitive pressures: 21.5%

Coming soon: How best-in-class service organizations use business intelligence successfully.