by Stephanie Overby

Top 10 Green Outsourcers

Dec 07, 20071 min
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Outsourcing consultancy Brown Wilson Group ranks the top 50 green outsourcing providers in the world.

Outsourcing consultancy Brown Wilson Group ranked the top 50 “green” outsourcing providers in the world earlier this year.


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Here are the vendors that topped the list, scored on a scale from one (“deal-breaking noncompliance”) to 10 (“exceeds all expectations”). No India-based vendors cracked the top 10; however Indian business process outsourcing (BPO) providers Genpact, EXL Service and Transworks/Minacs made the top 50 list.

Top 10 Green Outsourcers

  1. Accenture (Score 9.66)
  2. CSC (Score 9.54)
  3. Hewlett-Packard (Score 9.49)
  4. SAIC (Score 9.41)
  5. Logica CMG (Score 9.37)
  6. IBM Global Services (Score 9.35)
  7. Pitney Bowes (Score 9.30)
  8. UPS Supply Solutions (Score 9.28)
  9. Johnson Controls (Score 9.26)
  10. Unisys (Score 9.21)