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State of the CIO 2008: The Business Strategist CIO

Dec 04, 20072 mins

What distinguishes Business Strategist CIOs? They...

What distinguishes Business Strategist CIOs? They…

Report to CEOs

Fifty-one percent report to CEOs, versus only 39% for Function Head CIOs and 42% for Transformational CIOs. Less than 10% of Business Strategist CIOs report to CFOs.

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Sit at the executive table

Eight-four percent of Business Strategist CIOs are members of the executive committee, versus 68% of Function Head and 70% of Transformational Leader CIOs.

Earn more

They earn nearly $100,000 more than Function Head CIOs, and more than $50,000 more than Transformational CIOs. Size of company and budget are not factors.

Focus on customers and the business

They value and are more proficient at external customer focus, commercial orientation, and market knowledge than other CIOs.

Spend more time with other executives

They spend 24% more time with their fellow business executives than their Function Head and Transformational CIO counterparts.

Spend more time with business partners and customers

In fact, 45% more time than their counterparts

Lead business innovation

Lead company innovations more often than their CIO counterparts and feel that innovation is a dominant part of their role.

Focus on driving revenue

While all CIO types say staff development is their top management priority for 2008, business strategists place revenue generating services/products second. Function Head CIOs name IT governance, and Transformational CIOs say measuring and communicating IT value.

Enhance business processes that touch the customer

Specifically, customer service, sales and marketing, while CIOs in the other two groups are focused on more internally oriented processes.

Leverage IT for competitive advantage

They say IT will have the greatest impact on the business by creating competitive advantage, with enabling business innovation and enabling new revenue streams second and third, respectively.

Richard Pastore, Managing Director of Content Development, CIO Executive Council