by Gary Beach

A Proud Member of the LinkedIn Generation

Nov 26, 20072 mins
Relationship Building

How one baby boomer executive learned to love the social network for business contacts. Don't ask him to be a Facebook friend, though.

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to his Facebook account and encouraged me to join.


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I just couldn’t do it. Facebook seems to me to belong in the same general category as Tom Wolfe’s best seller, I Am Charlotte Simmons, about a young woman who discovers that college is all about booze, sex and bad behavior. Facebook, I thought, is the domain of Gen Y. Boomers like me need not apply.

But his e-mail did have an effect on me.

The very next day, I received another one of those annoying invitations from a colleague encouraging me to join his LinkedIn network. And even though over the past few years I have, as a matter of habit, ignored these invites from people I know (and often from people I don’t), this time, perhaps inspired by my brush with Facebook, I said to myself, “Why not?” and accepted.

And surprise, surprise, I had forgotten that I had registered as a member of the LinkedIn community about a year ago and had about 150 standing invitations to get connected.

Over one weekend, I dived deep into LinkedIn and I was impressed. I connected with business colleagues and business friends, some whom I had not communicated with in more than 10 years.

Want to have some fun? Using me as your direct or second-level contact (since we’re all members of the greater CIO community, yes?), let’s build the largest audience of C-level execs on LinkedIn.

If you’re a CIO, CTO or CSO, and a member of LinkedIn, invite me to join your network. If you want to join, but aren’t a LinkedIn member, go to, register and then send me an invite.

I will not block my “connections” link on my account, so anyone who links to me will be able to see all my C-level contacts.

Let Gen Y have Facebook; I will take my LinkedIn network.

I look forward to linking with you.