by Diann Daniel, Kim S. Nash, Thomas Wailgum

E-Commerce and Supply Chain Systems Gird for Black Friday

Nov 16, 20071 min
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It's crunch time for retailers and their suppliers. Now is when we find out if their technology systems are yielding returns. For many companies it can be the difference in whether they are seeing black or red ink this year.


The holiday shopping season can make or break a retailer’s year, putting them in the black or leaving them red-faced.

In the malls, retailers must share data with suppliers to stock shelves with the right mix and amount of inventory. Online, e-commerce sites must optimize their pitches for impulse buyers they can’t influence in the flesh. Behind the scenes, business analysts must find insight (and profits) in mounds of customer data.

In this high-stakes season, so much can—and has—gone wrong for retailers, airlines and others.

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