by Roger Levy, senior vice president and general manager, Novell

SUSE Linux Enterprise: The Leading OS for Business

Nov 16, 20076 mins

SUSE Linux Enterprise helps customers lower costs, manage complexity and mitigate risk, clearly making it the best operating system for business today.

In a little more than a year since its launch, SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 from Novell has become recognized as the market’s leading Linux platform for mission-critical computing from the desktop to the data center. We set out to build it with one purpose—to make it the best platform for business—and judging by the market’s reaction, it is realizing that vision.

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SUSE Linux Enterprise: The Leading OS for Business Today

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Why does HSBC run mission-critical banking applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise? Why is PSA Peugeot Citroën deploying one of the largest corporate desktop Linux implementations in history? The answer is, SUSE Linux Enterprise is the best operating platform for business today.

True Desktop-to-Data Center Platform

SUSE Linux Enterprise offers a comprehensive suite of products built on a single code base. The platform addresses business needs from the smallest thin-client devices to the world’s most powerful high-performance computing and mainframe servers. SUSE Linux Enterprise offers common management tools and technology certifications across the platform, and each product is enterprise-class. SUSE Linux Enterprise provides more than a cute desktop product or a basic server offering. It is the only Linux platform for enterprise computing, and it is now replacing Unix and Windows as well.


Integrates Best with Your Existing Infrastructure

New solutions must fit into your existing infrastructure with minimal effort. When you plan to introduce or expand Linux within your organization, consider that only SUSE Linux Enterprise works best with Windows and is recommended by Microsoft. Because of Novell’s partnership with Microsoft, we offer customers the highest level of interoperability in critical areas such as virtualization, systems management, identity management and document format compatibility. This technical collaboration enables greater efficiency with reduced risk, allowing you to focus on business innovation and growth—not system maintenance. SAP’s endorsement of SUSE Linux Enterprise also means SAP customers can run their most mission-critical applications on Linux, optimized and fully supported.

Best-Engineered Platform for Mission-Critical Computing

Novell’s unique development and testing methodology, AutoBuild, ensures that our commercial Linux software meets the highest technical standards for reliability and integrity. With AutoBuild, Novell compiles SUSE Linux Enterprise across all major hardware architectures in less time than it takes other Linux distributors to compile on just one architecture. That means SUSE Linux Enterprise is more thoroughly tested and optimized, with fewer bugs and security flaws, than any other Linux distribution. With better code quality, you reduce risk and gain a more efficient IT infrastructure.

Leading Virtualization Platform

Virtualization provides an unparalleled opportunity to consolidate servers, ensure business continuity and increase agility. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with the integrated Xen hypervisor is the only platform that can virtualize Windows and Linux with near-native performance. It is optimized, certified and supported by both Novell and Microsoft, so you can employ virtualization with confidence. Add in the robust management and automation capabilities of Novell ZENworks Orchestrator and you have an unbeatable solution for virtualizing mission-critical workloads.

Strongest Security

SUSE Linux Enterprise builds on the inherent security of Linux by integrating a wide range of server- and desktop-specific security capabilities, including encryption, firewalls, certificate creation and management, authentication, access control and proxy management. It’s the only Linux distribution to include application-level security with AppArmor, which provides effective application containment to thwart attempted exploits and even zero-day attacks. Its learning mode also automates the creation of security profiles so no new expertise is required. Enterprises like the Belgium Ministry of Justice rely on SUSE Linux Enterprise for the strongest security available.

Enterprise-Ready Desktop

Whether you’ve looked at desktop Linux in the past or never considered it, now is the time to take a closer look. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is the first enterprise-ready Linux choice for client computing, one that’s equally at home on traditional PCs, thin clients and technical workstations. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is designed to support the majority of users in small, medium and large organizations, from transactional workers to general knowledge workers. It’s enterprise ready because it fits into your existing IT environment and can be quickly adopted by end users. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is the only Linux solution that fully integrates with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Active Directory, because Novell has made interoperability with Microsoft technologies a reality. Novell also conducted thousands of hours of user testing to design the most intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface. Perhaps that’s why the Yankee Group wrote, “If you can use Windows, you can use SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.” Combine these strengths with the tightest security and most affordable price tag, and you have a compelling opportunity to reduce cost and risk while escaping vendor lock-in.

Easiest to Install, Update and Manage

Interoperability and powerful security are essential, but without robust, yet easy-to-use management tools, the potential benefits won’t be realized. SUSE Linux Enterprise integrates a comprehensive set of Linux system administration, configuration and deployment tools. Novell’s Linux management capabilities simplify deployment and configuration, make subscription management straightforward, and enable policy-based automation of your desktops and servers.

Integrated Linux Solutions

As the leader in enterprise Linux, Novell delivers a range of integrated solutions to help both small and large customers reduce effort and accelerate time to value. When an organization seeks a prebundled file, print, application or database server, the Integrated Stack for SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell and IBM is a perfect fit. When a business is looking for a more open and flexible platform for e-mail and collaboration, the Novell Open Workgroup Suite (combining Novell GroupWise and SUSE Linux Enterprise) and the IBM open collaboration client solution (integrating Lotus Notes and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) provide options that are easy to deploy and manage. NetWare customers can now run their valued Novell NetWare services on SUSE Linux Enterprise via Novell Open Enterprise Server.

Best Customer Support

Independent third parties consistently laud Novell for the high quality of our customer support. The Help Desk Institute honored Novell with its Team Excellence Award for external support, while the Association of Support Professionals called Novell’s Web support one of the industry’s top 10. In addition, an independent study from Lighthouse Research found Novell’s Linux support bests Red Hat and Oracle in overall quality, timeliness and addressing the needs of mixed-source IT environments. This results from the technical expertise and reach of the industry’s largest Linux support organization.

Complete Ecosystem for Customer Success

The success of an operating platform is ultimately determined by a broad ecosystem. Novell and our partners deliver the software, hardware and services that businesses require to implement, extend and optimize Linux-based systems. From migration planning and implementation services to integrated software solutions to OEM hardware offerings, Novell’s ecosystem gives you the complete capabilities to achieve your business and technical goals.

SUSE Linux Enterprise helps customers like Audi, Wal-Mart and HSBC lower costs, manage complexity and mitigate risk, clearly making it the best operating platform for business today.

Roger Levy is senior vice president and general manager of the Open Platform Solutions business unit at Novell.