by CIO Staff

Making the Case for Linux Distros in the Business

Nov 16, 20071 min
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From Ubuntu to Red Hat, Novell's SUSE to Fedora, developers offer their reasons why their distro is best for business use today.

Are you considering an enterprise-wide switch from a Microsoft operating system to Linux? Or are you using Linux already and want to know how your distro stacks up against others?

From cost savings to security to interoperability, developers of four leading Linux distros tell, in their own words, why they are best for business use today.

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu Project, lists his Top Ten Reasons Why Ubuntu Is Best for Enterprise Use, including ease of use and licensing costs.

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux: The Business OS for Flexibility and Value, Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens details why Red Hat 5 is the choice for reducing operating costs and providing a secure, reliable, scalable operating system.

While Novell’s General Manager Roger Levy claims in SUSE Linux Enterprise: The Leading OS for Business Today that the SUSE distro helps customers lower costs, manage complexity and mitigate risk, clearly making it the best operating system for business today.

And Max Spevack, Fedora Project leader, touts the benefits ofThe Fedora OS: Free, Stable and Customizable.