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“State of the CIO 2008” Data Shows CIO Salaries, Influence Rising

Oct 22, 20072 mins

Annual State of the CIO study shows increases in compensation, CEO reporting relationships across organizations of all sizes in research on 558 heads of IT.

We’ve just completed the research for next year’s “State of the CIO” issue, and some interesting data has emerged vis à vis the strength of the position. CIOs are making more money than ever before (regardless of company size); more top IT execs hold the CIO title; and more report to the CEO than to any other position.

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This data is based on responses from 558 heads of IT (regardless of title) from a broad range of industries and company sizes. With a 4.2% margin of error, the data provides an excellent snapshot of the state of the CIO position. (Notably, this report shows a different result from a recent Society of Information Management study, which cited a significant drop—from 45% to 31%–reporting to the CEO had a smaller respondent base of primarily mid-market companies and a margin of error of +/- 8.3%.) Here’s the data:

CIO Salaries Rising

CIO salaries are rising steadily across organizations of all sizes

Organization size Less than $100 Million $100 to $999.9 Million $1 Billion or more
2008 $148,300 $213,500 $344,400
2007 $134,200 $184,000 $281,900
2006 $130,023 $193,561 $283,553

More CIOs Heading IT

Data show that more heads of IT (60%) have the CIO title than ever before.

2008 2007 2004
CIO 60% 50% 49%
CTO 4% 6% 3%
VP/IT 11% 13% 13%
Director 18% 23% 29%
Other 6% 8% 6%

CIOs Reporting to the CEO

More CIOs report to the CEO than to any other position.

2008 2007 2004
CEO 41% 41% 40%
COO 16% 14% 13%
CFO 23% 24% 30%
Corp. CIO 7% 5% 4%
Other 13% 15% 13%