by Stephanie Overby

How to Recruit in a Hot Market: Four Tips for Attracting Millennials (and Beyond)

Jul 20, 20072 mins
IT Leadership

Four tips for recruiting the best in college graduates and student interns.

College graduates and student interns are a perennially underutilized supply of talent for IT departments. Forrester’s IT Staffing and Careers analyst Samuel Bright shares four tips for shaking up the status quo and attracting more young workers to enterprise IT.

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How To Recruit in a Hot Market

• Start young(er). Once a student is in college, it may be too late. Spend time at local high schools, reach out to guidance counselors, and offer summer camps and internships to promising teenagers.

• Create a college relationship manager. This person can develop relationships with key faculty, coordinate on-campus evangelizing and even follow up with new, young hires.

• Bring back the interns. They’re cheap, they’re eager and they may eventually want a full-time job. Don’t blow it. Invest in a robust program and it will pay big dividends. Hint: Solicit advice from your former interns about what worked and what didn’t.

• Take advantage of your vendors. They share your interest in attracting students to IT. Make the most of existing vendor programs in this area and look for win-win opportunities.