by Steff Gelston

Answers To Movie IT Trivia Quiz

Aug 09, 20072 mins
IT Leadership

Looking for the answers to the CIO IT Trivia Quiz: Lights, Camera, Technology? The envelope, please….

1. In Firewall, what three items did Harrison Ford’s bank security manager use to crack into the bank’s data center?

A: Fax machine modem card, an iPod and some computer cables

2. What brand of PDA did master spy Robert Hanssen use for his espionage activities in the film Breach?

C: Palm Pilot

3. In the thriller The Saint, actor Val Kilmer made calls, got his e-mail and surfed the Web using a…

B: Nokia 9000 Communicator

4. What is the name of the fictional software company in the comedy Office Space?

D: Initech

5. The HAL 9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey was voiced by which actor?

B: Douglas Rain

6. Which chat client did Bridget Jones and her boss Daniel Cleaver use to flirt online in the chick flick Bridget Jones’ Diary?

A: MSN Messenger

7. Name the famous computer scientist who served as a consultant on the Tom Cruise sci-fi movie Minority Report.

C: Jaron Lanier

8. What was the operating system used on the computers in the James Bond spy thriller GoldenEye?

D: IBM’s OS/2

9. Biometric authentication was used as the primary security/ID mechanism in which of these movies?

A: Gattaca

10. In Legally Blonde, what color was actress Reese Witherspoon’s iBook?

B: Tangerine

11. What media does actor Matthew Broderick use to copy data from the defense systems he hacks in War Games?

B: 8-inch floppy

12. Name the food that actress Sandra Bullock seems to exist solely on (and orders online) in The Net.

C: Pizza Sources: CIO research, Warner Bros., Microsoft, Nokia,, Archives and Wikipedia.