by Diann Daniel

Innovation Generation Attempts to Help Students Develop Passion for Science

Aug 07, 20072 mins
IT Skills

New forays into educational development for U.S. technology and innovation.

The ailing U.S. science, math and engineering education system may get a small restorative this fall. Innovation Generation, an educational website intended to “excite and inspire kids to use science, math and engineering to change the world,” will go live in November, according to a press release from the company, also called iGen.

The Web-based tool, currently in beta, features games and knowledge tests designed to convey lessons of math, science and technology in a fun way. Among its features are interviews with innovators discussing their ideas and processes, and encouraging young people to follow their own path of innovation.

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Technology is fueling today’s global economy, and many people worry about an upcoming national crisis as fewer American students show interest in engineering, science and math. “Innovation Generation was specifically created to address these critical issues, by connecting children to the world of technology, encouraging discovery and ultimately closing the gap between the demand for innovative technologists and the number of students receiving degrees in science, technology, electronics and math,” said Paul Miller, executive director, Innovation Generation.