by Stephanie Overby

Ukraine Outsourcing Scorecard

Jul 15, 20061 min

Political changes in 2004 opened up opportunities for Ukraine's low cost market for IT outsourcing work.

A guide to outsourcing in Ukraine.

  • Overall Ranking: Emerging
  • Average 2nd Year Programmer Salary: $5,000 to $10,000
  • Geopolitical Risk: Moderate
  • English Proficency: Poor
  • Pros: IT industry benefited from 2004 political upheaval. IT services sector grew 50% to $150 million in 2005. Highly educated IT staffs may be able to handle entire development process. Low turnover.
  • Cons: English not widespread. Political stability questionable. Small talent pool. On International Intellectual Property Alliance priority watch list.


Introduction to Outsourcing

Interactive Outsourcing Map