by C.G. Lynch

Facebook How-To Tip: Manage Applications on the New Facebook

Oct 08, 20083 mins
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Confused by all those new tabs in Facebook? In this Facebook tip of the week, learn how to manage Facebook applications wisely and ditch apps that you no longer want.

Despite all the criticism of the new Facebook design, it has undoubtedly addressed what was a big problem in the old Facebook: managing the flourish of Facebook applications that had begun to clog users’ profiles and home pages.

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People were bombarded with invitations to be vampires, while other apps allowed people to give each other virtual cupcakes and beers. While some of these apps were fun, it made the user interface look sloppy at times.

The new Facebook has addressed this problem with a tab-based interface that allows you to separate applications and manage which ones you want people to view on your profile.

Accessing Facebook Applications on Your Homepage

There are two main places to access your Facebook applications (and add new ones) on your home page. (When you log in to Facebook, you are sent directly to your homepage.)

The first one is on the right side of your home page, where there is an applications box (see screenshot below). You’ll notice that the “Wall” is not on the list. That’s because, on the new Facebook, the Wall is no longer a stand alone application. It’s the place that lists everything you do, from posting a picture to joining a group to updating your status. Adding or subtracting it as an application isn’t up for negotiation.

Facebook Applications box on homepage
Facebook Applications box, located on upper right side of your home page.

Want one app to appear higher than another on your application list? Simply click on the name of the app and drag it to another spot within the box.

From this applications box, if you wish to add more applications, or delete one, click on the “edit” button.

The second place to access your applications is on the bottom left side of your Facebook page (on the gray tool bar). When you click on the applications button there, a list of your apps pops up (see picture below). There is an “edit” button for you to add and subtract applications there as well.

Facebook applications located on bottom left tool bar.
Facebook applications located on bottom left tool bar.

Managing Facebook Applications on your Profile

Click on “profile” on the top of your Facebook page. Once your profile loads, you will see these tabs named by default: “Wall,” “Info,” “Photo,” and “Boxes.”

Tabs on Facebook profile
Add or subtract tabs on a Facebook profile.

If there is an application you want to add as a tab, it’s very easy. Just click on the “+” sign beside the right most tab, and you will be given the choice to make one of your existing applications a new tab. (Note: As Facebook will tell you, not all apps were designed to come with Tabs).

Delete Facebook application tab.
Delete a Facebook application tab.

Decide you’re tired of a tab and don’t want it there? Click on the tab in question and let the application load as it normally would. Now, next to the tab, you will see a pencil symbol. Click on that pencil and you will see a “delete” option (see picture above).

Erin Sullivan, an associate of CXO Media Online, assisted in the research for this article.