by CIO Staff

How 9/11 Changed IT

Sep 11, 20082 mins
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Stories from's coverage of 9/11 and its aftermath in business and government reflect changes in thinking and priorities on business continuity and communications.

Sept. 11, 2001, altered the way the United States viewed security, IT and communications. Read about how the terrorist attacks affected and changed the IT priorities, capabilities and strategies at the New York City Police Department and the Central Intelligence Agency. Find these and other articles on


Deputy Commissioner and CIO Jim Onalfo put his experience and discipline to the test in order to turn around IT at the NYPD.

A Failure to Communicate at the NYPD

Events such as 9/11 show that communications are key to successful disaster recovery.

Inside the CIA’s Extreme Technology Makeover

Al Tarasiuk, the CIA’s CIO, is on a mission to modernize the agency’s IT practices and connections to the intelligence community. It’s just like any other IT-business alignment project, except that he has to get disparate departments to share data while supporting the White House’s war on terror.

IT Executives From Three Wall Street Companies Look Back on 9/11 and Take Stock of Where They Are Now

One year after 9/11, CIO visited with the CIOs of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and American Express who were affected by the terrorist attacks to see what had changed and how their organizations had recovered.

9/11: IT Security Then and Now (2006)

The United States government devoted more resources to bolster its information security programs, but critics on the fifth anniversary of the terror attacks cited evidence of only limited success.