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Plus-One Winners Apply IT to Leading-Edge Business Trends

Aug 27, 20082 mins

Special awards for 2008 CIO 100 winners recognize impact on customers, finance, operations, security and competitive advantage.

Five of the 2008 CIO 100 winners have been honored with a Plus-One award. The Plus-One award recognizes winners who demonstrated an outstanding accomplishment towards a specific business goal. This year’s Plus-One winners were judged by CIO magazine editors to be on the leading edge of several important emerging technology and business trends.


2008 CIO 100 Winners

Why CIO 100 Winners Are Focused on Operations and Cost Control

The Plus One winners are:

Best Buy. The retailer is recognized for Customer Impact. Best Buy is at the forefront of a trend to provide support services to retail customers. The winning system lets the company take care of its customers remotely at any time, day or night.

Hewlett-Packard. The technology vendor is recognized for Financial Impact. Tackling data center efficiencies, HP consolidated and modernized more than 85 data centers into just six. As a result, it was able to shift the percentage of IT work focused on sustaining legacy systems from 70 percent to just 20 percent. The effort is allowing the company to reduce IT costs from 4 percent of revenue to less than 2 percent.

Accenture. The consultancy wins for Operational Excellence. An early adopter of unified communications, Accenture enabled collaboration and knowledge sharing among employees around the globe. They saved millions of dollars and freed employees from unnecessary travel.

Motorola. The mobile devices maker receives a Plus-One for Security Excellence. Its new security architecture eliminates traditional corporate firewalls and moves security to the user and application level. The effort has improved compliance across the board.

Dow Chemical. The manufacturer is recognized for Competitive Advantage. Dow integrated a rich new suite of tools to support employee mobility. The result: The company can better leverage its core competitive differentiator – its people – no matter where they are.

Applicants for the CIO 100 are asked to select which of several business goals their project served. Once the CIO 100 winners are selected, CIO magazine editors judge the winning projects according to the creativity of the solution and its impact on the organization, customers or industry.