by Michael Friedenberg

What’s Hot in the High-Tech World?

Aug 12, 20082 mins
IT Leadership

IT trends come and go faster than a summer storm

The one constant in our industry is change, and every now and then I get a chuckle out of how quickly things become hot or not in this hi-tech world. So, to lighten the mood just a bit in the dog days of summer, here is a quick list of terms, technologies, people and companies that are either “Hot or Not.”

Send me an e-mail and share some of the things that are on your list. Pretty certain, by the time you send it to me, it will have already gone out of fashion.


Hot Not
Cloud computing On-demand computing
SaaS Enterprise applications
Unified communications VoIP
Virtualization Server farms
Master data management Departmental data
Mark Hurd Diane Greene
Execution Innovation
Apple 3G iPhone Original iPhone
Data center consolidation Server sprawl
Mobile devices Desktops
Convergence Alignment
Consumer IT Enterprise IT
Agile development Waterfall development
E-discovery Being clueless
Web application security Firewalls
Social networking Knowledge management
IM E-mail
Video conferencing Travel
Web 2.0 E-business
Alternative energy Oil
Green=$$$$ Green= 🙂
Windows Server 2008 Vista
Dynamic cooling Air conditioning
Federated Centralized
Dynamic cooling Air conditioning
Google Yahoo
Bill Gates, philanthropist Bill Gates, CEO, Microsoft
M&A Best of breed
Integration Middleware
IPv6 IPv4
Strategic partner Vendor

*Brazil, Russia, India, China